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We follow a very simple code of business.

There are plenty of computer companies that can fix your digital devices, but very few will teach you how to get the most out of them. We’re about people first and foremost, and computer experts second. We know how to “speak your language” and we can bridge the gap between your needs and technology.

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  • They were very, very helpful. Able to resolve my problem in my visit and had it back to me in a day. Awesome!
    Madelin Florence
  • The technicians were knowledgeable, responsive and friendly. I highly recommend them!!!
    Harold Gardner
  • Very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful service. I would recommend them to everyone.
    Jim Ballengee
  • A HUGE thank you to Wesley and Derrick. Replaced the screen on my MacBook Air after I damaged the LCD.They replaced it for labor cost and saved me at least $399.99. Now works like brand new!!Thank you guys!! You are the best!!
    Mike Lalli
  • On time and very knowledgable
    Williamville Wellness
  • Megabite is the only place I’ve ever taken my iMacs, whether for repair or upgrades. I’ve always had great service and highly recommend them, both for their quality work and fair prices.
    Kathy Blacklock
  • Derek,and his crew have taken care of our computers for over 8 years. Always go above and beyond what they had to do. They are the best. Makes you feel like family
    Pamela McClellan
  • Deryck, I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your excellent help in bringing my baby (iPad) back to life. Your CPR is working quite well for now.Thanks again. You’ve made a new friend.
    Jan Cowan
  • Deryck, I was more than satisfied with your rescuing of my data from a failing hard drive. I was relieved by the outcome and deeply appreciative that you could salvage it. I have related my experience to others and highly recommended your services if/when they have computer problems.
  • A good experience and suggestions. Rob was very helpful
    William Nerney
  • A mistake on my part disabled most of my computer’s functions. Megabite corrected the problem and I had my computer back in a few days at a fair price. Highly recommended.
    Paul Brooke
  • Megabite did some work for me on a network printing problem across 6 PCs. I called them on a Thursday afternoon late and they scheduled a tech to my house on Sunday and the problem was resolved within an hour.
    Genece Minshew
  • “Very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful service. I would recommend them to everyone.”
    Jim Ballengee
  • These guys are great! They updated my MacBook Pro and its like brand new. Very reasonably priced!
    Debbie Dillman
  • I love working with the staff at Megabite. Very knowledgeable, fast, fair prices. They are truly good people who actually know what they’re doing (not like some other computer techs in Fernandina
    who are clueless.)
    Holly Gordon Photography
  • Brought my Mac mini here for a SSD upgrade. Great job at a reasonable price. It’s like I have a new (super-fast) computer. I had exactly the same work done on a different Mac mini at a shop in Virginia. Megabite’s price was about 40% less.
    Gary Long
  • I live in a different part of the state. Megabite was able to log in and service my computer while I worked on something else. He was very timely and worked consistently. He treated me like I was one of his best friends but remained professional. I signed up for the annual service plan. I figured I would get it on all 3 computers but then I found out his plan covers up to 3 with no additional charge.I was like, sweet! Now I have my home and my business covered. I am going to have his graphic design artist work on my logo as well glad I found this little gem.
    Randy Lape
  • Customer Service, Other, Quality, Thoroughness, Timeliness
    Dave was a big help in removing the viruses on my computer, and he taught me a lot about how to keep from getting viruses in the future. I have some further questions so please call me on Monday afternoon after 3 pm at home or on my cell. Thank you, Louis Boyle
    Louis Boyle
  • I worked with Wes at MegaBite on a weekly basis for one month for help with basic questions that stymied me. The personal attention was great. I have a better understanding of various laptop and iPhone
    functions. I took notes during the sessions. I am older and this is exactly the help I needed. I found out about the one-on-one service by attending a free one-hour educational seminar at the Fernandina Beach library.
    Joyce Nilsen
  • Just wanted to say a big thank you to you, Deryck, and to Wesley for being absolutely amazing, kind and generous in your work on saving and transferring all my son’s data ( Jesse Cartwright) and offering help and support. We were more than surprised to not be charged for the second transfer of data, which I know took a good bit of time. You are one of those rare businesses who understands the value and meaning
    of community. Y’all are the best and will always be our go to for all our family’s computer needs.
    Amanda Cartwright
  • Derrick and Megabite bailed me out once again! Even though they were not yet “open” for the weekend,Derrick answered my plea for help and responded immediately and got me back “on the air”! He is a real
    resource and knows what he is doing. More so, his CAN DO attitude is so refreshing and appreciated.Well done, and THANKS!
    Steve Shap
  • Derek is an Ivy League educated computer pro. Not only is her bright is work is great. I do not know what is inside my phone, tablet, desk top and main computers; but I do know that with Derek’s help they all work. Hearing south on 8th Street from Center Street on 8th in Fernandina Beach you will see their sign on the side of the building. Besides no-nothings like me, Derek helps a lot of people who can diagnose the problem but may not have the tools to work on it. His prices are fair. I have been working with him for two years.If you have a question stop by.
    Sandra Barron
  • As always Wes and Deryck provide interesting and helpful assistance. I enjoy our weekly support classes, which helps me to get a handle on my ever-growing “to do” list.
    Frank Montes de Oca
  • “Wes, you deserve all five stars and Deryck, you deserve five, you hired Wes. Thank you for digging…”
    James Light
  • Deryck couldn’t have been nicer in dealing the multiple issues on my MacBook Pro. The entire experience was a pleasure. Thanks
  • Deryck, The class was definitely productive. Thanks…looking forward to our next session.
    Fred Teich
  • Customer Service, Quality, Thoroughness, Timeliness. This was my first experience and everything was perfect: courteous, professional, quick, very competitive price and service oriented. Anyone wanting
    outstanding service and support should come here.
    Arthur Lynnworth
  • Megabite has been a really big factor in the bettering of my company. They upgraded our computers from a failing Windows XP, to a brand new Windows 7, custom-built machine. They put us on a disaster
    recovery program to ensure that our documents are safe from any future disasters. The battery backup takes the fall from possible electrical problems, and with the online backup solution, our documents are
    always secure. Megabite also fixed my phone, and it is working much more efficiently. I can also print documents from my phone, now, and with all of these recourses that Megabite has provided for us,
    everything is much more convenient.
    Imetry Brick Pavers
  • I appreciate his efforts and skills very much. Derek went beyond expectations in getting my computer up and running and also improved the computer for me! I am very Happy ?
    Carol Lee Adams
  • as always —excellent service!
    Mark J Waite
  • Thank YOU very much for doing a great job with the repair of my Dell computer.
    Joseph Wertz
  • We asked Deryck for help with our computers
    on three different occasions, after he was recommended to us. On each occasion, we were treated with respect and not condescension. He did not talk down to us, nor did he try to sell us anything we did not need. Best of all, he solved our computer problems. We highly recommend Megabite to anyone needing help with their computers.
    Barbara Badalato
  • “Always great!”
    John Bremer
  • “The best and only place to go with a Mac problem.
    Judith E. Webber
  • I have needed help with my Macbook Pro several
    times this year. Derek and his team have been knowledgable, very responsive, and fairly priced while maintaining a high level of quality and customer care. Definitely recommended.
    Paul Guyette
  • Deryck, otherwise as Megabite, is the man to go to for computer
    repair. He is very knowledgeable and reasonable with all prices. I lived in Fernandina with my girlfriend for a while and left my mac with him to fix several times. He was very friendly and even spent a large portion of time showing me how to better care and utilize
    my laptop. When I moved back to Atlanta, I had more questions
    about it’s functioning and waited until I came back to visit Fernandina to bring it to him. He’s just a nice guy who knows his
    stuff and is more than willing to help you out.
    Tyler McCorkle
  • Very helpful and knowledgeable. Deryck went above and beyond in helping me with my computer issues. Megabite will be my first stop for any computer problems.
    Paula Staples
  • Deryck from Megabite is the best. He changed out a solid state drive on my laptop for me, mirroring the contents of the old drive onto the new. He worked over the weekend, when most other shops were
    closed. He did a great job, and charged less than he had estimated
    — he even threw in a free upgrade of my anti-virus software!!
    Megabite is now my new go-to place for computer repair.
    Steve Tolle
  • Megabite has helped me several times. They are helpful
    and reasonable. Today I had a house call to help me with my printer. They are very personable and knowledgeable. They helped me when my computer was frozen with a virus and to make my computer run faster. It is nice to know I can make a call and my computer will be serviced with someone who is honest and has integrity and knows what he is doing. Thanks.
    Mary Greenwood
  • Lived up to the local reputation of competence, friendliness, and concern for the customer. Solved all the problems we had and went beyond with suggestions. Will take his course in the future!
    William Birdsong
  • I have been using Deryck Burnett’s Megabite for all of my IT needs and find that he is very knowledgable on all things computer.
    When I first met Deryck, my computer was tied up with malware
    and viruses and was slower than slow. He had the problems solved in no time. I have had to call him numerous times and he has responded immediately each time. My wife uses Deryck for her business computer
    and has been very satisfied. We both highly recommend Megabite for all of your computer repair needs
    Michael Payne
  • Extremely knowledgeable and fast! They gave me all the options and I was surprised at just what I could do. Fair prices! I am satisfied
    and will be using them again in the future for my computer needs.
    John Register
  • Deryck at Megabite is amazing at what he does he’s like the batman
    of the pc world he was able to fix all my problems and at such a reasonable price compared to the other pc repairs places I spoke with I will continue to do all my tech business with Megabite
    Robert Lee
  • Megabite!! Thank you for restoring my Macbook. I know you worked MANY hours recovering my photos. I feel about as whole as I can. I can’t thank you enough for your empathy and for going above and beyond for me. I will refer whenever I get the chance!
    Andrea Hatton
  • Thanks Derek, you made me a believer!
    Janet Morrison
  • I found Megabite computer Services on Amelia Island, Florida, while escaping the ice and snow up north, I have a new computer and facing windows 8.1 was overwhelming to me. Deryck Burnett was of great help and still is. Thank you Deryck!
    Tony van Hasselt
  • Staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Don’t need more than that in my book. Thanks, Megabite!!!
    Marisol Triana
  • Who needs an IT Dept., when you’ve got Megabite? Best computer
    shop in Nassau County!
    Buz Cannon
  • I was more than a bit embarrassed to admit I owned a Mac for 5 years and had no idea how to use it. I signed up for a 1:1 class with Deryck and after 2 classes can do what I wanted to do with my Mac, which was import, edit, backup and share my photos. Wish I didn’t wait so long!
    Karen Carduff Bowden
  • Megabite was suggested by a friend. I am very happy with the work they did on my laptop.
    Al Quilters
  • Deryck is the greatest! He’s fixed 4 of my laptops and my desktop. Gives military discounts and guarantees his work! I’ll never go anywhere else for my computer repair.
  • “Deryck is a computer genius. He keeps up with current trends and knows his business. He is particularly good at recovering data when a computer crashes. Also, he is more than competent repairing PCs
    or Macs. His prices are fair and he guarantees his work! You couldn’t ask for a better guy to work on your computer.”
    Mary Obenauf
  • Thanks for checking in Deryk. No issues with either computer. Thanks again for fixing both computers – no doubt that I will always come to you for any computer problems.
    Scott Cullen
  • I love you!!!! My computer is so nice to use, because of the way you fixed it up. Just fixing it was awesome to me….I was so stressed!! Knowing you are there has given me a good feeling!!!
    Thank you so much! Computer is Great now *:) happy. In Gratitude, Carol Lee
    Carol Lee
  • “Great personalized service and very quick turn around”
    Kris Stadelman
  • Deryck really knows his stuff. I am glad to have my own personal geek whenever I have computer issues. I am completely satisfied with his professionalism, his computer knowledge and his work ethic.
    Linda Miller
  • Always a great experience with customer satisfactions with Deryck and his Team at Megabite!
    Steve Mason
  • Excellent experience all around and a computer that’s functioning
    Barabara Daly
  • We appreciated Deryck’s helping us out on his “day off ”
    Jack Miller
  • I couldn’t believe how much better and faster my Macbook operates
    with the new hard drive. It’s like a new machine. Every problem or concern has been cleared up. Thanks for your expertise and professionalism. I will definitely recommend Megabite to my friends and acquaintances.
    Mike Garland
  • A little kindness makes such a difference in a day.… Your thoughtfulness certainly made a difference in mine. Thanks Again
    Joanne Blalock
  • Deryck words really can’t express my gratitude! My children lives in pictures were on that computer and I don’t know what I would have done if you hadn’t gone above and beyond what you had to, to fix this for me. Thank you so very much!
    Tara, David, Liam + Elena
  • Caters to the technologically challenged.
    Lea-Ellan Scott
  • Popped in to have my MacBookAir laptop looked at. It’s been running slow. Got immediate attention fromTHE owner. Great guy. Smart business man. Personable and genuine. Very pleased with my experience.
    Will come back again. Highly recommend you do too. Thanks,Deryck!
    Jason Mudd
  • They really know their stuff. My computer had a horrible
    virus and they fought it off! Thanks guys!!
    Katy Czigan
  • “Megabite is the place to take your computer in Fernandina if you’re having problems!!”
    Jay F Fogle
  • “Thanks guys. Glad your there for the rest of us that don’t have a clue. Chris”
  • My MacBook had a water damage and could not boost anymore. When I tried to turn it on, it was completely dead, no power, no light, and no sound. I called several computer repair shops in Fernandina Beach. And I was told Megabite would be the shop to fix it. I took my MacBook to Megabite. Boy, Deryck is good. He first evaluated my MacBook and told me what kind of damage the water had gotten into. After knowing the damage, I decided to recover the data from the damaged computer. Deryck again demonstrated his excellent knowledge in MacBook. He was able to recover all the data from my damaged MacBook with such a low and reasonable cost. I am so glad we have a computer genius local in Fernandina Beach. Deryck is good, skillful and fair.
    Anna Sturgess
  • A few weeks ago, I brought Deryck a printer that had been affected by a power surge after a thunder storm. He examined the printer and determined that it could not be repaired, so he reached out to the manufacture and was able to get it replaced at no charge. Deryck went above and beyond in his effort to help me with this problem. Customer service at Megabite is great.
    William Ryals
  • Figured out the problem with our laptop was our modem at home and didn’t even charge for their service. And they’re nice!
    Kathi Chaffee Donega
  • Brought my elderly father’s laptop in for some work – turns out the battery was overheating and actually warped the keyboard. We ended up buying a new one and brought it in to the Megabite team for the initial setup. Quick, competent and very reasonably priced. Thank you all.
    Christine Freeman
  • Great service on my Mac that Apple no longer supports. The work was done when promised and at a very competitive price.
    Doug Bennett
  • Always reasonable complete service that I can depend on. They are always willing to not only effect repairs, but to simply offer advice and guidance. Great operation
    John Harmon
  • The Megabite Guys are super professional, highly computer literate and extremely nice. They took time to help my wife and me to transfer our data to a new computer. They then helped us with our phones that I
    seemed to have changed to the worst. Megabite pricing is very reasonable for the great work they do with computers. I will always take our computers to them.
    Larry Vinson
  • Deryck and the Megabite team are always, professional, knowledgeable and great at communicating any confusing computer issues you may have. They helped me tremendously while my Mac was down and I needed to continue my work flow. They value thoroughness and quality control in all services they provide and take pride in their work! Thanks Megabite team!
    Michael Barnhart
  • These people are great. Work is always done within the time frame they promise and their prices are reasonable. Have stopped in on occasion to ask a question and they take the time to take care of me. Most recently I had the hard drives replaced in 2 laptops and was told not to use the sleep function any more. Both now power up faster than they did from the sleep mode. SSD drives do make a big difference.
    David Van Riper
  • I bought a new computer to replace my ageing one. I brought it into Megabite for them to copy all of the old files over and to set up the new computer. They were wonderful to work with. They were able to copy all of my e-mail addresses, passwords for websites and get the system up and running in two days. Could not be happier. Will be going back to them to answer my questions and for formatting certain programs next week. I will also be using them for training on new software they will be helping me install.
    Cornell Rudov
  • I was having a problem with a crashed hard drive on my Apple MacBook Pro. I took my computer to Megabite Computer services for an estimate and repair request. They were able to quickly diagnose the problem. Do to the age of my MacBook Pro I went ahead and had my hard drive updated and the original battery replaced. I have not had any problems since the repair. I would highly recommend Megabite Computer Services for all your computer repairs.
    Hank Sexauer
  • My antiquated MacBook (yes, the one with the white cover!) was getting ready to die, and Deryck helped me select a new computer, transferred all of my photos, videos, documents, etc., that I was sure I couldn’t live without, and then took the time to coach me on how to use it. Great service and nice guys! Thanks so much!
    Nancy Stendahl
  • Derrick and staff are both knowledgable on Mac and windows. They did a prompt job on both of our computers and explained in detail what they repairs. Prices are reasonable and work is timely. Would highly recommend them.
    Robin Ritchey
  • I’ve been working with Deryck for over 5 years and I have to say it’s rare to see someone so excited about their business and that actually cares about their customers. He’s always creating new innovative services to help his customers get the most from their technology. They are also very affordable, I tell him to charge more!! I would definitely recommend Megabite to my friends and family!
    Chris Chase
  • A mistake on my part disabled most of my computers functions. Megabite corrected the problem and I had my computer back in a few days at a fair price. Highly recommended.
    Paul Brooke
  • Can’t not say THANK YOU ENOUGH!!!! This guy really knows his stuff. Even worked on Sunday to make sure I’d have my computer back in time to finish a project I was working on for work. I’d give
    him 10 stars if I could. I Highly recommend him. Deryck is Fantastic !!!!
    Tracie Mccann
  • Deryck’s professional and personal approach to IT is amazing. He get’s it, and makes sure his customers do, too.
    Bruce Stambaugh
  • Great advice on computer upgrade I will be in to see you very soon.
    Donald B.

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  • Megabite is Fer­nan­d­ina Beach’s go-to on-demand tech­nol­ogy com­pany. We spe­cial­ize in inex­pen­sive, highly effec­tive strate­gies and solu­tions for small busi­nesses and home users.
  • Many indi­vid­u­als and small busi­nesses through­out the US have learned and imple­mented solu­tions designed for them by Megabite.
  • Megabite has a sys­tem of best prac­tices that reduces the stress of hav­ing advanced sys­tems in the work­place and at home.
  • Over the years, Megabite has become a rock­star in the com­mu­ni­ties it serves.
  • In addi­tion to pro­vid­ing tech­nol­ogy ser­vices, Megabite has grown to pro­vide Fer­nan­d­ina Beach with one-on-one com­puter classes and spe­cial­izes in remote sup­port ser­vices for seniors.
  • We care about our cus­tomers and under­stand how frus­trat­ing tech­nol­ogy can be, that’s why we imple­mented our one-on-one classes. We want our clients to feel com­fort­able, not awk­ward in using all their devices.
  • Megabite also offers On-site ser­vices and remote ser­vices! Don’t have time to come to us? We can come to you or remote into your com­puter at your request.
  • Essen­tially, Megabite is your One-stop tech­nol­ogy solu­tion. Don’t let your tech­nol­ogy needs over­whelm you any longer. Call us today and let us remove the stress you might be expe­ri­enc­ing .
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