using a password manager will protect you.

10 Ways to Use Password Managers

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Use password managers to strengthen your security. It can be a huge help when it comes to online security. You can create and store strong passwords for all of your accounts without remembering them all yourself. But that’s just the beginning! By learning the many parts of a password manager, you will be able to protect yourself even further.

A password manager can also do more than just keep your passwords safe. This blog post will delve into ten ways to make the most of your password manager. Whether you are a new user or an experienced one, there are sure to be some tips here that will help you get the most out of your password manager!

10 ways to use password managers:

1. Use the password generator.

The password generator creates random passwords rather than trying to use your made-up ones. You can choose between alphanumeric combined with special characters and even how long it is.

2. Install the browser extension and mobile app

The first way is to install the browser extension for your password manager. This allows the password generator to work for you on every website.

The second recommendation is to install the mobile app as well. This will keep your passwords backed up and safe.

3. Get the family password manager.

Sharing your password with your family in a spreadsheet is a bad idea. A password manager can help your whole family stay safe online. You can share passwords with other family members and know that they are secure.

4. Start Using two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication is an extra layer of security for your accounts. It is a good idea to use this wherever possible. Password managers can help you track which accounts have two-factor authentication enabled.

5. Run a Password Audit

Keeping your passwords healthy is essential. Periodically, you should do a password audit and delete passwords you no longer use. In addition, password managers can help you identify which passwords are weak and need to be changed.

One of the best features of password managers is generating strong passwords. These are long, complicated, and impossible to guess. Stop using 123456 or password! A password manager makes it harder for someone to break into your account.

6. Change passwords automatically.

According to PCWorld, “So you ran a password audit (see above), and now you’ve got some passwords to replace. With some password managers like LastPass and Dashlane, this chore can be dealt with quickly, thanks to automated password changes. Time savings vary depending on your service. The feature only works with supported websites—typically prevalent ones—but it’s still a huge boon when trying to quickly address your weakest spots.”

7. Sign up for alerts.

Most password managers will also let you know whenever one of your websites is breached, usually via email or in-app notifications. Remember when we let you know about the COMB breach? That’s thanks to the password manager’s built-in password breach monitoring feature, which checks passwords against lists of known compromised credentials.

8. Set up Emergency Access

Depending on which password manager you use, setting up an emergency contact allows them to access your account on your behalf (or your estate’s). That could come in handy if you were to pass away or become incapacitated and unable to communicate suddenly.

9. Let your password manager handle your credit card information.

Many people store their credit card information in their password manager. That is not a bad idea. Improve your security by loading that information into your password manager so that only one source has that financial data. It reduces the chances of having to request a new credit card number after the next breach.

Use password managers to log into different accounts on the same website.

If you have multiple accounts on the same website, take advantage of your password manager’s ability to handle that. Then, you only need to remember one password to get into all of those accounts—the password to your password manager.

Paid users can often take advantage of file storage to upload copies of important documents—like travel docs or a photo of your COVID vaccination card.

10. Take advantage of unique features

Not every password manager is alike. Some have features that others don’t have. Look for the password manager that best suits your needs and use the features that matter most to you.

Remember that password managers are just one part of good online security hygiene. In addition to using a password manager, be sure to use two-factor authentication whenever possible.


Use password managers; you will not regret it. They are a fantastic tool that will help to keep you safe. Perhaps they’re not right for you now, but they could avert a minor headache as life changes. To help you get to that place, we’ve included ten features you should try (or at the very least, be aware of) in a free or paid password manager.

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