2017 Apps that Help Improve Productivity and Saves You Time

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2017 Apps that Help Improve Productivity and Saves You Time



Let’s face it everyone gets distracted during work hours.  The phone rings, your attention is taken away from the task at hand, your boss asks you a question right in the middle of creating an email, or a co-worker stops by to chit chat.  Whatever reason you get distracted and lose precious seconds of productivity, these apps can help you gain some of those seconds/maybe even minutes back.

With the correct apps in place, you can enhance your effectiveness and accomplish more.

Sticky Password

You can waste precious moments hunting down passwords for every application, but with sticky password you no longer have to wonder which password you need to enter for what application. This app makes it secure and straightforward. Sticky password keeps all of your passwords and usernames securely and when you need to enter a password sticky does it for you automatically. You only have to remember one password to gain access to all your passwords.   Also, if you create another account that requires a password Sticky password will produce an ultra-secure secret password for you, and you won’t need to remember it.


Get all your news in one place. This app makes one constant feed of live information, taken from the sites that users frequently visit. It even gives users a chance to channel their information by classes, i.e., “tech and science “or “sports.” Instead of jumping from site to site, save time with Feedly and get all your news feeds in one place without a moment’s delay.



Without a doubt a standout amongst the most capable tools accessible today, this app empowers people and organizations alike to incorporate records, track changes, set up updates, and watch any number of continuous projects. It’s a new project-management app, improved by its approachable UI and support for essentially every portable and desktop platform known to man.




If your groups aren’t communicating on Ryver, you’re (most likely) not communicating instantly. This merits the most of the hype laid upon it. It’s a beautifully constructed chat app that allows private conversations,  group discussions, and much more.  Need someone to do something now?  Don’t send them an email and hope they open it soon, sent them a chat message via Ryver. They get it instantly, and can reply immediately letting you know they received your message or better yet, answer your questions in real time. You can even upload documents for viewing and discussion. With the notifications sound on you will always know when someone is trying to chat with you.  And best yet it’s available for desktop and mobile devices, so you can be in constant contact even when you’re away from the office.


Google Docs

If you’re not using Google Docs, you’re missing out.  Google Docs allow you to create docs (similar to a word document), sheets (a spreadsheet application) and slides (similar to PowerPoint) documents.  Once created, you can give access to employees where they can collaborate, change and update in real time; watch as the changes take place immediately. The best part is, once a document is created, it’s automatically saved to Google Drive; never worry if your computer is going to crash again, all your documents are safe and sound in the cloud.




There’s something mystical about having the capacity to sign a 40-page contract using the screen on your telephone. SignEasy is a cleaned marking app that makes importing, signing, and saving finished reports to the cloud secure.  Need a client to sign a contract immediately, send it via SignEasy; they will receive an email with instructions, once completed the document will be sent back to you with their signature.



You know those Post-It sheets scattered around your office? Trello is the computerized style of that, empowering distributed groups to share thoughts, move things from In Progress, to Completed and keep track of what needs your attention now or in the future.  You can attach files, add due dates, and assign each task to an individual or a group. Furthermore, it synchronizes with all desktop and mobile platforms.


These apps truly save time and make life much simpler.  Check them out and let us know what you think.


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