2017 Chrome Extensions that help productivity

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2017 Chrome Extensions that help productivity

Chrome Extensions have saved me hundreds, if not thousands of hours over the years. I don’t know what I’d do without them. Most of us primarily work in the browser now, so why not take advantage of these wonderful tools. 

Out of all the browsers out there, Google Chrome is by far the best. It supports a ton of extensions that can add functionality to your browser. There are hundreds of them that can save you time so you can get more work done. 

These extensions can increase your productivity and maybe even lower your stress level. Here are xx of the best extensions that can help you take notes, plan your day, control your email inbox, and research like a pro, all without leaving your browser.


Google Keep

Whether you’re a student, professional or a stay at home mom, it’s a good idea to keep a note-taking app within easy reach.

As a blogger, IT tech, Web Designer, & Mom I’ve tried just about every tool out there for note-taking, but over the past year, I’ve decided Google Keep does just want I need; add notes quickly in the browser with just a click or on your phone on the fly. Yes, there’s an app for that! 

I lean toward Keep over choices like Evernote and Microsoft OneNote for quick note taking because it’s less jumbled and gives me a chance to concentrate on scribbling down thoughts quickly, instead of offering a flock of components for arranging content and broad note association.

That doesn’t mean Keep can do everything Evernote or OneNote can because it can’t.  However, it allows you to save pages, images, and text on any page, along with letting you add notes to said pages. 


Momentum is a cool extension that changes the new tab into a reminder, to-do list, day planner and a shortcut menu for links you use most often.  Not only that it displays a beautiful background picture that has a clock and the weather for your area. It also provides you with inspiring quotes to help keep you on track of your goals.

All of this is free. However, if you need more customization options, two dollars a month will allow you to sync items from apps like Todoist and Wunderlist, gives you a rotating ‘focus’ widget that pulls in tasks from your to-do list. What’s not to love about this great little app?


Todoist is a great little tool. Once installed a task list is placed in your browsers toolbar that offers a ton of features. Such as, simply start typing to add a task or set a priority by entering a due date.  Additionally,  it shows your schedule for seven days in a nice interface.  You are able to see all your to-dos in one area instead of going to three or four places to figure out what you need to do next.

To-do-list will pair up with Google calendar if you enable the function.




If you locate a fascinating article, you want to read, but just don’t have the time, no worries.  With pocket, you can save it for later.

Saving an article is easy as clicking the button on your tool bar or hit Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+S, and the article you located will be added to your reading material, which you can access from Pocket’s web application or mobile apps.

When you have some quiet, open your list, and all your saved articles are displayed in an organized list.

When you start filling Pocket with reading material, you’ll need to add TimeTo Read in your extensions also. It adds a tag that shows you how long each article will take to read. That way you can gauge the time you have to read, and the time it will take you to get through the article.

With everything we have to accomplish these days, Chrome extensions are a must have. 


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