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4 Apps to Track Your Personal Books

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How extensive is your library? Do you have lots of books lined up neatly in a row on your bookshelves? According to MUO, use these 4 apps to track your books. Keep track of what you’ve read, what you want to read, and what books you own with these Android and iOS apps for book lovers.

You need a virtual library if you have many hardcover and paperback books. We can recommend four different apps for you that will keep you organized. When you are at your next library or bookstore, avoid losing your sanity trying to remember what you already have at home.


Are you looking for an app that makes it easy for you to catalog all your books? The Bookshelf app for Android and iOS makes it incredibly easy to do so. See details like the title, author, the number of pages, publish year, and more. You can scan newer books with barcodes into your virtual library on Bookshelf.

In addition, you can use a scanner that allows you to scan multiple books. If you have books that you need to enter manually, you can do that.

For each book you upload, you can rate it and add any notes you want.

My Library

My Library is an Android app with a simple interface that makes adding books by barcode or ISBN easy. Like in Bookshelf, you can add a book manually if it’s not in My Library’s system. You can also set aside books you want to read in the future on a wishlist within the app. Did I mention you can also keep track of comics and video games?

MUO says in their article that you can upload a custom image for each book. You can also add any notes for that title for future reference or even a summary for the book.

Sorting in My Library is a breeze so that you can find books quickly. Sort options are title, author, category, series, and more. Or you can just scroll through your long list of books and see the title, author, page number, and publish year.


Libib app can be your virtual library of choice because you can add different libraries for your favorite books, movies, video games, and music. You can add as many libraries as you need with customized titles. Sort your favorites in whatever order you want. Then you can choose to have your library private or public.

In Libib’s settings, you can change your libraries to sort by title, creator, or date added; this will change all of your current libraries. Unfortunately, there is no current way to sort individual libraries. That is okay, however, because there is a built-in search function.

Libib works efficiently with Libib.com, which uses the same features as the application. It has a different format.

Similar to the other two book apps we have discussed, you can tag, review, rate, and make notes on each of the titles in your libraries.

Handy Library

Handy Library really is a handy resource to have. Would you believe you can add up to 100 book titles by barcode, ISBN, or manually? You can do it in a batch upload if you have a lot to add.

Track who you lend your books to right in the app. To make Handy Library even more helpful, the app has a wishlist for the books you want to read in the future.

Statistical information is available for you on your reading patterns and book ownership. Keep track of how many books you own and their total value that you can obtain from Google and other sources, common genres you like, and the read status. Besides all the features I have mentioned thus far, get a six-month report on how much you paid for new books.

Handy Library has two pricing options – free and premium.


“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” – Dr. Seuss

I found this quote on Bookroo. You can read on Healthline what the many benefits of reading are. We read because we enjoy it, and we want to learn. We have shared four apps you can use to track your personal books. Each app has remarkable features for both Android and Apple.

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