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A lot of us rely on Google for many of our searches. Google is not the only search engine on the web today.
There are Microsoft Bing and Yahoo for example.
Each search engine has its own features that attract its group of users. In the case of DuckDuckgo, it is privacy. DuckDuckgo promises all it’s users that they will not track any of their searches, keeping their identity private and secret on the web. Of course, search history is a double edge sword. While true privacy is something we should take seriously while browsing on the web, being able to retrace your steps while browsing is an important part of any search engine, that way you can keep an eye on items or service you are searching for.
However you feel about search history, DuckDuckgo only has one option and that is there is no search history.
So if you are looking for your search history then you will have to rely on your browser search history. So if you are one that has it that when you close your browser your history is deleted, you may find yourself with nothing to go on.
So if privacy is your main concern and you don’t have a VPN DuckDuckgo is a good choice.
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