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6 Best Apps to Help You Feel Better Mentally

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Are you not feeling up to par today mentally? For weeks now, your family has been concerned because you have lost your appetite, are not sleeping well, and have lost your zeal for life. According to MUO, there are 6 best apps to help you feel better mentally.

Six Best Apps

It doesn’t matter why you feel out of sorts. Sometimes you just need help, and mobile apps can help you. So, here we go. Listed below are the helpful six. We give all the credit to MUO for the great list they provided us.

1. Woebot

Woebot can be your self-care assistant, an AI therapist who can help you keep track of your mental health. The app offers plenty of flexibility for various mental health goals like reducing anxiety, depression, etc.

In addition, you can also set a check-in time that suits you. Woebot will then send notifications to remind you when to do so. It has a space for venting about problems you are experiencing. In reality, this helps make us feel better by letting go of emotions, and the built-in gratitude journal allows us to think positively as well!

Woebot can be downloaded for both iOS or Android for free.

2. 5 Minute Journal

The 5 Minute Journal app offers the best features of a physical journal in digital form. It provides two check-in times with questions that help you plan out a great day and reflect on positive events at the end of it.

One feature that makes this journal unique is that it includes writing prompts for improvements or what could have made an otherwise great day better, helping you aspire to improve yourself each day!

If you like its format but don’t like its provided questions, don’t worry; upgrading to a premium account allows custom topics and organization – making mental health tracking easy in one place!

As an added feature, you are also able to add photos and videos, as well as keep track of your progress.

5 Minute Journal can also be downloaded for both iOS or Android for free.

3. Breathe

Breathe isn’t a meditation app, as you might think. Instead, it is an app that helps you control your emotions through breathing.

Based on science-backed exercises, Breathe offers many different breathing patterns to change physical and mental states. Choose the desired activity from the categories, follow along with the animations as they guide you through each pattern’s steps, and breathe at your own pace!

You can use this for sleep (478 breaths), boosting energy levels (Equal breath), or panic attacks/anxiety mediation which works very well for box breathing.

The more comfortable you feel using the Breathe app, the more you may find that you are doing the exercises without realizing it.

Download: Breathe for iOS | Android (Free)

Next on our list of 6 Best Apps to Help You Feel Better Mentally is the app, Calm.

4. Calm

Without a doubt, Calm is an extremely well-liked and one of the most popular applications. The most compelling evidence is Calm offers plenty of guided meditations to fit your lifestyle. Whether you want to fall asleep quickly or reduce general anxiety, dozens of courses are available in the Calm app. You can even listen to an audio narrated by your favorite celebrities.

What makes Calm unique is that it has a meditation timer. In addition, it is accompanied by personalized background noise. If you prefer a soothing rain or a windy beach background noise, you can have this set as your default. Then, you can set your “reminder bell” timer, which plays a bell at specific intervals to remind you to focus back on your breath in case your mind wanders off.

Download: Calm for iOS | Android (Free, subscription available).

5. Mindfulness Coach

Our next app is Mindfulness Coach. One of the best free meditation apps is Mindfulness Coach. It’s an excellent tool for beginners who want to learn how to perform their mindfulness practice but don’t want an audio file, as there is training material right on it.

What makes this app so unique? It has a goals section that lets you write about your meditation goals and track your progress with “mindfulness mastery quizzes.”

Besides that, there are also no-nonsense guided meditations that experts have well thought out. Newbies that have used this app say they feel more at ease when they start practicing mindfulness techniques.

Download: Mindfulness Coach for iOS | Android (Free)

6. MindDoc

MindDoc is an app created by clinical psychologists. It allows you to manage your mental health and better understand your illness, anxiety, or depression.

The apps we have mentioned above each serve a different purpose, but MindDoc’s only purpose is education. Learning more about what might be going on in our minds can help us see problems from a different perspective and formulate solutions for them!

Moreover, MindDoc offers courses that you can read yourself or listen to, like an audiobook: all customizable depending on how much work you want to do.

MindDoc also has a course developed by therapists. The process is about how individuals can deal with the pandemic and the subsequent stressors that stem from it.

Courses are updated constantly with the latest science. This way, you receive the most up-to-date information when you use MindDoc.

Download: MindDoc for iOS | Android (Free, in-app purchases available)


Mental health is no laughing matter. According to PsychCentral, “In fact, the market for mental health apps is expected to exceed $3.3 billion by 2027, marking a 20.5% annual growth rate from 2021 onward. According to the American Psychological Association (APA), the increasing interest among private equity firms investing in mental health apps has been largely fueled by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Recent reports suggest as many as 20,000 mental health apps exist today, with Headspace and Calm among the most widely used options.

But whether mental health apps and text message-based interventions actually work remains to be seen.”

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