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6 Specs to Review Before Buying a Tablet

May 27, 2022 9:38 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

These days, tablets are almost as popular as laptops. If convenience, lightweight, and more flexible sound like they would fit your needs, why not look at these six specifications before buying one.

1. Screen resolution and type

A device’s screen resolution is an important feature, and since a tablet is almost entirely screen, you don’t want to be let down by the display when you buy a tablet. You don’t have to stress about the resolution unless you want to use your tablet exclusively for reading or as a backup for your laptop. However, if you’re going to stream videos or draw on the tablet, looking for a higher resolution will be worth it. You must consider the screen resolution of a larger tablet if you want a high resolution.

2. Storage capacity

It’s essential to consider the storage capacity when purchasing a tablet. Storage capacity is one of the most critical elements to consider, particularly if you want to use your tablet for various things. When you want to store many songs or other files on your tablet, or if you’re going to edit and store photos or videos on it, you might want to consider a higher storage capacity.

3. Battery life

According to Muo, since most people use tablets wirelessly, away from a desk and charger, it’s important to make sure your tablet of choice doesn’t have poor battery life. Streaming apps and scrolling through social media, all these actions can quickly drain your tablet’s battery life and can become a problem when you’re out of the house, too.

If you only use your tablet at home, eight hours or more battery life should be enough. However, if you use your tablet frequently or like to take it with you when traveling or working, MUO suggests you check out Samsung’s range of tablets. Many of them have a remarkable battery life, such as the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite, although some lesser-known brands also sell tablets with reliable battery lives, like VASTKING and CHUWI.

4. Screen size

Some tablets are great for entertainment, while others are more convenient to move. Be sure you know what size tablet you’re getting before buying one. A small tablet should be more than sufficient for most people to check the news, read e-books, or browse social media sites.

Watching Netflix or YouTube on a tiny screen is difficult, so it’s always preferable to acquire a bigger screen for entertainment purposes. For creative projects, you want a larger display for easier working. If you are going to do a lot of editing or drawing on your laptop, a bigger screen will be more suitable and simpler to handle. You may need to pay a little bit more for a more suitable device for your needs.

5. Hardware connections

Before clicking that “Buy” button, check which connection ports your chosen tablet has. If it is for a charging cable, earphones, or something else, you should examine which connection ports are present on your tablet. Although tablets typically have a limited set of hardware connection ports, there are still a few you may want. These include USB-C and AUX, which are standard on most devices.

6. Processing speed

The processing speed of a device determines how quickly it can respond to commands and process information. So, if your tablet has a low processing speed, you may find using it very frustrating, so it’s crucial to check what kind of processor your desired tablet has before buying.

These days, the best processors out there are either quad-core or octa-core. For example, Apple and Samsung’s newest tablets all have octa-core processors, which means the processing speed is pretty high. Of course, quad-core processors can also provide high processing speeds for a lower price, but these usually don’t compare to those offered by octa-core processors.

Final Words

While it might seem exciting to go for the most popular or aesthetically pleasing tablet you can find, it won’t necessarily be the right one for you. So, by making sure you know what a tablet can provide for you, you’ll be able to find the perfect model to suit all your needs.

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