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6 Useful Tips to Manage Windows 10

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Do you need help with how to manage Windows 10? It can be quite a challenge sometimes to get things done. If only there were tips to do so.

Manage Windows 10


Doggone, I can barely see my mouse cursor. I wonder if there is a way to make it bigger or change its color. Yes, there is. You may wonder how to do that. It’s straightforward. First, go to Settings > Ease of Access > Mouse Pointer. You can also change the cursor color from its default white in the same menu.

You can also type “mouse size” in the Start menu, Then press Enter. Look for the “Change pointer size” slider on the settings page.


According to PC World/IDG, Do you get frustrated with how much valuable space your taskbar icons use? So make the icons smaller. Shrink down the Windows taskbar by right-clicking on it, selecting “Taskbar settings,” then enabling “Use small taskbar buttons.” I have my icons as regular size because the small buttons are tiny.

Everything Else Size-wise

Make everything else larger (or smaller). Do your icons, text, and other screen elements seem too small (or, perhaps, too large)? In Windows 10, it’s easy to fix size issues if you don’t like them and not change your screen’s display resolution.

Just head to Settings > System > Display, then look under “Scale and layout” for a setting called “Change the size of text, apps, and other items.” Increase or decrease the percentage to make items larger or smaller.

Combine Taskbar Buttons

You have three options with Combine Taskbar Buttons. Go to your Taskbar Settings and change your setting to Always hide labels, When taskbar is full, or Never, whichever you prefer.

Stretch Start Menu

Do you want more room to display your favorite app shortcuts in your Start Menu? Let me show you how you can extend the menu. Click the right edge of your Start Menu and drag it to the right. Oh, it’s not tall enough? Well, click on the top edge and drag it up.

Maybe you don’t have enough apps in each section. So, change it. Head over to Settings > Personalization. You have seven options for how you want your Start Menu to appear. One of them is “Show more tiles on Start. Another one that I have not experimented with yet is “Show most-used apps.”

Clean Up Your Windows 10 Desktop

Your desktop can get quite messy, can’t it? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a serene setting where you want to show an interesting image or personal photo? PC World says you can reduce clutter by moving some of the icons on your desktop to your Start Menu. The process is to right-click on any desktop icon and select “Pin to Start.” Now, you can delete the icon from your desktop.

If you don’t want files on your desktop anymore, you can move them to a different folder on your computer. Examples are Documents or Photos. You can also move multiple files into one folder on your desktop. Don’t delete the icons, though, or they will go to your Recycle Bin.

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