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8 Apps to Make Your iPhone Smarter

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Your iPhone is so smart and has the smartest apps imaginable. And you can do about anything with the apps as long as they are not stock apps. If you want apps to make your iPhone smarter, you need to use apps that are not built-in.

Apps to make your iPhone smarter

Below is a list of the best apps to make your iPhone smarter than ever by adding functionality that you don’t get with the built-in apps. To begin with, let’s look at

1. CityMaps2Go

Where are you going? Do you need help navigating, especially when you are traveling overseas? CityMaps2Go is a free offline app for travelers, mountain bikers, and hikers on the go. If you don’t know if you’ll have internet access, you can use it to download offline maps before going out the door. Then you can still find your way around even if your iPhone is offline.

On the other hand, the online version is much better. It features up-to-the-minute updates with nearby public transport stops, points of interest, food stalls, etc. In addition, you can add notes or photos to the map.

Our next app to make your iPhone Smarter is Evernote.

2. Evernote

We introduced the Evernote Note-Taking App to you last year. We relayed to you that Evernote feels the sky is the limit as to what you can do with it. If that doesn’t speak of an app that makes your iPhone smarter, I don’t know what does. According to MUO, Evernote is the ultimate in making your iPhone smarter because it combines notepad, planner, and the to-do list all in one app.

3. Alarmy

My first thought was that Alarmy was associated with fear like you were afraid of snakes. No, no, no, this app is an alarm clock app. Alarmy is highly efficient at making your iPhone more intelligent. It offers a range of sounds from gentle and calm to loud and annoying.

The app also makes you complete fun “Missions” that give your brain a wake-up call. It can encourage you to solve a math problem or take a specific photo to switch off the alarm.

If you feel like upgrading to their premium plan, you will get more features to coax you out of bed. You won’t go back to sleep with Alarmy.

Next on our list of apps that make your iPhone smarter is Kalkyl.

4. Kalkyl

It is a calculator app, but it also gives you options for different graphs. Kalkyl features split-screen multitasking and is optimized for quick calculations. The calculations can be both financial or scientific, using localized number formatting. With the keyboard trackpad mode, using 3D Touch or Haptic Touch, Kalkyl makes it easier to solve math problems.

Are there more apps to make your iPhone smarter?

Oh, yes. Multiple apps fulfill that mission, so many that we can’t list them all. For example, Fooducate is up next.

5. Fooducate

Are you on a daily mission to lose weight? Maybe one of your goals at the beginning of the year was to make healthier food choices. The app Fooducate makes your device smarter, which will make you smarter because the life-changing nutrition and diet tracker teaches you about what you’re eating.

Fooducate has a Food Finder feature. Quickly scan barcodes to learn the nutrients, sugar content, and calories of food items. Moreover, the smart app shows ingredients you might be allergic to. Talk about being an app that makes your iPhone smarter; it even tells you ingredients that manufacturers don’t want you to find. Yes, it’s sad. The manufacturers are not above trying to trick you into thinking their products are healthy and nutritious.

So meanwhile, you are getting smarter because you are learning better-suited alternatives you might enjoy.

As an aside, you can integrate Fooducate with Apple Health. MUO says you can import your sleep and exercise data to Fooducate for a complete picture of your health—another vital step in making your iPhone smarter. This helps you to better customize a diet plan according to your desired weight loss, health goals, and other personal details.

6. Halide Mark II

According to the write-up in the Apple Store, “Halide is the most powerful camera for iPhone with the most elegant, simple design — A pro camera for everyone.

This is a groundbreaking app for deliberate and thoughtful photography. With high-end tools, and a beautiful interface designed from scratch for the latest iPhones and inspired by the controls of professional cameras, Halide is your go-to camera when you want to really take a photo rather than a quick snapshot.”

Two more apps to go

7. OmniFocus3

We certainly don’t want to leave out OmniFocus3. OmniFocus has capabilities that far outreach other to-do apps. With the help of its planning tools, you can plan your entire day into smaller sections. With Tags, you can organize and conveniently access tasks, people, locations, and more. Another feature that Forecast has is an overview of all pending tasks and calendar events while allowing you to customize it to fit your needs.

OmniFocus offers Cloud Sync, which means your data is synced to other Apple devices, giving you the freedom to access it anywhere. OmniFocus is fully functional even when you’re not connected to the internet. Any changes you make will automatically sync as soon as you are connected again.

8. iTranslate

Finally, we have iTranslate as our last app to make your iPhone smarter. iTranslate is the ultimate app that makes your iPhone and you smarter. The leading translator and dictionary app can translate text from more than 100 languages. You are in the driving seat when it comes to bypassing language barriers. Whether you’re attempting to learn a new language, traveling around the globe, or talking to someone who speaks a different language, iTranslate should be your go-to app.

You will not believe this. The Lens feature and AR mode is a suburb app. Point the camera at any text or object in your surroundings and watch it immediately translate to your target language. Wow, how great is that?

iTranslate is even better than Apple’s built-in Translate app because of its excellent keyboard extension. The reason why is it’s perfect for translating texts in real-time while using a range of apps.


Overall, your iPhone is pretty darn smart already. But we have now introduced new apps to make your iPhone smarter. What else can I say that wouldn’t sway you to try one or all of these apps. Your iPhone will be the smartest in the room (or even outside).

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