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A Calendar App Called Fantastical

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It used to be when I was a child that I would say fantastic a lot. I probably did go a little overboard, or at least my mother used to tell me that. But the people at Megabite think that a calendar app called Fantastical achieves higher than average standards.

Carl Pullein from Working With Apps, Episode 1, agrees with us. Not only does he explain that Fantastical is his favorite calendar app, but he also explains why he likes it and how to use it every day. Let’s see why he thinks so highly of Fantastical.

A Calendar App Called Fantastical

When Carl Pullein did his video, which I have shared below, he was not sure if Fantastical was available for Windows. It was not and still is not.

Enjoy the fantastic nature of a calendar app called Fantastical. The Fantastical calendar layout is very similar to Apple’s calendar layout. It’s fun and a super event, tasks, and meeting management application.

Manage Multiple Time Zones

Not only can you manage your time zone in your calendar app called Fantastical, but you can go the next step and display a different time zone for friends and family that may be overseas.

If you have ever used Calendly, Fantastical is very much like Calendly in that you can schedule slots when you are going to be available. It is so easy for people who need to meet with you to schedule an appointment on your calendar. The next step is to send them a link, and they pick a time and date. Openings will automatically block out slots based on your existing calendar events.

Spice Up Your Calendar Ap

You are at liberty to set up your calendar just precisely what you want to see using the Web, Mac, iPad, and iOS. See what I mean by spicing up your view? You have different colors for tasks, meetings, your inbox, projects, and more.

How Much is Fantastical?

Have I gotten your curiosity up and want to try out a super calendar app called Fantastical? Why not try out the individual tier for $3.33 per month with the pricing including a free 14-days option. The Premium plan is $5.42 per month and will accommodate up to 5 people in your family. Both plans can be paid monthly or annually. Unfortunately, the family plan is for personal use only. Don’t be discouraged, though; there are more features for both levels than you can shake a stick at. To put it mildly, they are just fantastic!


Just look at some of the features you can expect with a calendar app called Fantastical. And this is by far not the complete list. According to the Apple Store, the developer is Flexibits Inc. Needless to say, Flexibits excelled at creating a productivity app that allows you to work like you like to work.

> Connects to your favorite calendar services, including iCloud, Google, Exchange, Office 365, Todoist, Yahoo, and more
> Automatically add alarms to your new events
> Fantastical is fully localized in English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish.
> Start typing your event or task in any of these languages, and Fantastical will automatically understand.
> Background app updating enables events, tasks, and alerts to be pushed to Fantastical even if you don’t launch the app often.
> Birthdays – see your contact’s details or send a quick birthday greeting and handoff support between Fantastical for Mac, iPhone, and iPad

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