The Advantages of using G suite (formally Google Apps)

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G Suite has fantastic tools for individuals and small businesses that can’t be ignored.  If you have important information that needs to be shared or just accessed across several different devices,  G suite is what you need!

  1. Gmail

Many small business people use their @hotmail, @gmail or @ISP address for their work email. There’s nothing fundamentally wrong with this. However, it looks more professional when sending emails if it comes from your email address. Not only that if you have your domain name in your email address some people might look up your website.

  1. Storage Space

Most mail servers provide around 1GB of storage space for emails. Google provides 10GB for free which should be more than enough for most small business.

  1. Search

Gmail has a great search function to locate emails quickly. Just type in the sender’s name, or even a subject that’s in the email you are looking for and Gmail will locate it for you, if you haven’t deleted it.

  1. Google Calendar

Using a calendar to keep up with appointments and schedules couldn’t be easier than with Google Calendar. It links up with you Gmail, it’s accessible across all devices so you can update on the go.

  1. Docs

Google Docs is a word processor that is amazing!  Not only can you create nice documents, but you can share your documents with others to edit, view, comment and the best part is, anything you create is saved automatically in real time.  So, anyone that you are collaborating with can see it the moment you add/change something in the document.

  1. Sheets

Sheets is a spreadsheet like excel, it doesn’t do everything excel does however it comes close.  The same applies here with saving in real time. And with all the G suite applications they all are accessible on multiple devices, including your smart phone.

  1. Slides

Slides are comparable to PowerPoint.  How convenient would it be to work on a project in slides and have another person give feedback instantaneously?


  1. Forms

Forms has cool templates for event registration, event feedback, order forms, and job applications.  You can also create a custom form as needed.

  1. The Drive

The drive is a place that you can create folders and store all your work you created with the above apps.  And, once again, everything is accessible through multiple devices.  If you’re on the go and need that important document just pull out your phone or mobile device, sign into your google account, and every document that you have saved will be at your fingertips.

G Suite is absolutely hands down one of the best tools Megabite uses every day.  If you would like to know more information on how to setup and use G suite give us a call at 904-430-0350.




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