All About Accompany

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All About Accompany

One of the best beta access programs out there, without a shadow of a doubt, is Accompany. If you’re in charge of more than just yourself, whether it’s a plethora of employees or a small team of five, you’re going to have something to gain from utilizing Accompany.

Accompany is the ultimate application for the executive in you. Need to have your meetings prepped for you, but also need to sleep? Let Accompany deliver a detailed Executive Briefing to your inbox during all hours of the night. Accompany is accessible to multiple calendar apps, including Google calendar, to understand where you’re going to need to be, and help you get there.

Trying to actually, I don’t know, eat? It’s not easy when you have a meeting in the next ten minutes. Let Accompany bring the information to you. Within two minutes, you’ll be able to know everything you need in order to have a successful face-to-face meeting. A face and a name will appear with information that will prep you for any need.

Looking to get some insight on the company that you’re applying to or planning to do business with? Everything from financials to filing with the SEC can be right at your fingertips. Accompany is essentially the perfect assistant for those looking to dominate the business world, and still be able to use the bathroom without feeling like they’re wasting time. You can even get updated information on your Gmail contacts. Instead of just an email, you’ll get their phone number, an updated picture, and information such as their position, company, and more.

Practical Uses For Accompany

Accompany is great for CEOs and mid-level management or anyone that needs to stay on top of things. With an extremely sophisticated AI-driven system at the helm, there’s nothing that Accompany can’t do. They have information on over 250M high-powered executives, and it doesn’t stop there. Their platform is in a perpetual state of growth thanks to their specific algorithm and AI features.

The World Is Joining Accompany

Featured in Forbes Ten Apps That Will Improve Your Marketing Team’s Productivity in 2017 article, as well as features in the New York Times, Tech Insider, and the front page of the Google Play store. We’re not surprised—Accompany has become one of the most useful apps of 2017, and we can’t wait to see how they’ll do it 2018 as we proceed into the new year.

What We Use Accompany For

As stated, it’s essential for your playbook on how to handle meetings. It’s an invaluable timesaver with an unequivocal competitor so far. We truly believe that Accompany has set the stage, and copycats will hit the ground running soon enough. Such as every inspired piece of tech or innovative app in the past.

Data Security

Many question the safety of apps such as Accompany. If someone were to learn an entire itinerary, it could pose catastrophic. Fortunately, the good folks at Accompany understand that security is absolutely paramount. Visit their page from the link below to learn more about their data protection protocol and procedures, and learn why you can put your full trust in Accompany.

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