All About The Forest App

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All About The Forest App

We’ve seen some pretty amazing apps that help us manage our time. And Forest is one of those apps. We all have some sort of notifications set up on our phones for either email, Facebook, personal messages or any other app that we want to be notified when something interesting pops our way. Instead of getting sucked into what I like to call the lost time zone, you can build a forest instead.

A Game That Saves Time

Sounds impossible, right? With the Forest app, once you start the app you can’t use your phone for thirty minutes.  During that time, a little tree will grow and thrive as long as you don’t use our phone. Over the course of the day, you can grow more trees, each of which represents a successful thirty-minute focus session.

In Forest, each tree in your forest will change daily depending on how long you invest to grow it. Every day, you have to start a new forest and you can view your previous days. It all culminates into your overall score.

Using Forest for Family Time

One of our targets when minimizing screen time comes to our children. Nobody wants that zombified child who just sits in front of their tablet or phone screen all day. It’s actually been proven that most of the kids who used this app were more upset when they accidentally navigated away from the app and killed a tree, than actually missing out on games or other media that they were used to viewing.

You don’t have to use this solely to get your kids to reduce screen time; we’re all guilty of using our phones too much. Set down your phones in a pile at family dinner time and talk it out, or when you’re out to lunch with a friend, at work, or just about anything else. You can find your own time to put the forest on, set it, and forget it.

Doing Some Good

So the app is useful, but it’s also helping to save the planet. At the time of this article, over 168,258 trees were planted by Forest, in their partnership with Trees For The Future. When you spend virtual coins you earn in Forest on planting real trees, Forest team donates money to their partner which creates more trees being planted.

For more information visit the Forest App official page.

Let’s all plant some trees and see what we can accomplish.  The Game is on.

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