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Apple Family Music


Tired of the same tunes?

APPLE is here to increase and personalize your music on all your Apple devices for the Entire Family including phones, iPads, and no longer need to carry a separate iPod with you.

The new Apple iCloud Music plan is here to help the entire family enjoy songs that are all genres and personalize the plan for your family. Up to six devices which simultaneously are included once you sign up for a family subscription.

Let’s get started:

To begin don’t sign up for a free trial or you will have to start all over again when that expires. Anyone who is already on an individual trial plan must also wait until it expires.

  • Set up a Family Music Sharing account.
  • Choose an avatar
  • View Apple ID.
  • Subscriptions
  • Apple Music Membership.
  • Family.
  • Confirm that you want an Apple Family Music plan.
  • On the other devices you want on the account, open Settings and join Apple Music.
  • You are ready to use Apple Music.

If these steps don’t work the first time log out and back in again. You can also find help by visiting  By default, all members are linking with one another and can be accessed through iTunes.

Sharing from a playlist of any music in your iCloud Music Library. Simply hit the Share button and choose a playlist, then send the link to your family member.

To remove a family member from the account, log them out of Apple Music on their device, take them off of Family Sharing account, or switch to an individual account.

Happy listening for unlimited hours of your types of music and remember to Drive Safely!


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