Free Apple MacBook Keyboard Repairs

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 Free Apple MacBook Keyboard Repairs


Faulty Keyboards

Apple’s MacBook and MacBook Pro laptop keyboards made since 2015 are susceptible to becoming stuck or breaking, and Apple is promising to repair them for free.

After many user complaints, class action lawsuits and online petitions Apple has decided that only a small percentage of the keyboards were affected by the issues.

The keys sometimes feel sticky and when pressed the letters or characters don’t appear on the screen, or they just repeat forever until you close out the program your typing in.


The issue all started when a new design of Apple’s keyboard with the MacBook 2015 model.  It has a V-shaped butterfly switch under the keys, which made the keyboard 40% thinner.

When dust or debris is lodged under the keys it seems to cause the issue, leading to inoperable keyboards.  To make matters worse in 2016 they launched a new keyboard hoping to fix the issue, however, those keyboards are also affected.

What to do

Apple or an Apple authorized service provider will service eligible MacBook and MacBook Pro keyboards, free of charge. See their new support document.  Apple states, “the type of service will be determined after the keyboard is examined and may involve the replacement of one or more keys or the whole keyboard.”

Luckily the 12in MacBook made from early 2015 and the 13in and 15in MacBook Pros made from 2016 are covered by Apple’s repair program up to four years from when they were purchased.  Also, if you already paid to have your keyboard repaired or replaced you can request a refund for the repairs. So, if your keyboard is affected you need to hurry and have the repairs done before time runs out.  Simply visit or call an apple store and tell them your situation.

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