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# Apple Pages app what is this used for?

Apple Pages is for anyone needing a simple word processor. People who get confused or frustrated with feature-rich applications. Pages is a word processor for those with limited uses of a word processor. Maybe all you need to do is craft a simple letter you plan on mailing.  Maybe you’re trying to create a simple little menu for your restaurant business or maybe a weekly menu for the family. Or, maybe you’re trying to write a simple newsletter.

The main thing I personally use pages for is creating IT proposals for small businesses. In fact, I have a template made in pages and all I have to do is simply change the names, images, and any other variable in the document. Some clients may want us to maintain their computers, others may need us to run network cables, or set up a network switch or hub. It’s wonderful knowing each time I need to make one of these proposals I don’t have to start from scratch to create the look and feel I need for these kinds of documentation.

You can create templates for reoccurring documents. 

One idea is a monthly newsletter or maybe you are keeping notes of association meetings.
Pages can also turn documents straight into a PDF document which a standardized format that can be read on all computer platforms. So if there’s a document I need to send to someone who has a PC, I know they will be able to read it.
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