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Application Development with Claris Filemaker

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Have you ever wondered how and even what application development is and who is a well-known company that gets into doing basic app development? Let me introduce you to Claris Filemaker.

According to Wikipedia, “Claris International Inc., formerly FileMaker Inc., is a computer software development company formed as a subsidiary company of Apple Computer (now Apple Inc.) in 1987. It was given the source code and copyrights to several programs that were owned by Apple, notably MacWrite and MacPaint, in order to separate Apple’s application software activities from its hardware and operating systems activities.

In 1998, the company divested itself of all but its flagship product, and reformed as FileMaker Inc.”

It was a few years before Apple changed Claris to FileMaker Inc.; however, in 2019, FileMaker Inc. announced that it would restore the Claris name and brand.

Application Development with Claris Filemaker

Application development encompasses multiple roles. You might think of app development by creating a program or computer script that will tell your application what task to do. The instructions might be to automate tasks that are repetitive, as well as to connect resources. Other instructions might be to make handling data easier or solve business challenges.

Low Code Convenience

Types of Development

Application development can be done for desktops, the Web, or mobile devices. For example, desktop apps run on your operating systems like macOS, Windows, and Linux for those companies that use desktops, laptops, or standalone devices. You can connect the apps through an intranet or the internet.

To clarify, web apps live on remote servers. These apps send information to one of the three types of development (desktop, Web, or mobile). To do that, the software development or hardware developments needs to pass through seven stages.

1. Planning
2. Analysis
3. Design
4. Construction
5. Testing
6. Release
7. Maintenance

Benefits of Claris FileMaker

Significant for anyone that is considering purchasing FileMaker are the benefits. For example, an off-the-shelf product usually can’t solve issues that apply to your needs. Using FileMaker is efficient, which streamlines steps and alleviates members on the team from having to work with the administrative and data management roles.

Integration is excellent. I.e., your customization will integrate easily with many other legacy solutions that are already in use, whether or not the technology is new or used.

Finally, your customer service department will be delighted if you can solve a frequent issue that has presented itself to the customer service representatives. Furthermore, you can go one step more and create new services or products that will improve customer experience (UX).

Speaking of Purchasing FileMaker

Are you a small business? Then Claris FileMaker Essentials is perfect for you. Pricing is $19 per user per month, with the payment billed annually.

The pricing page seemed to be confusing to me. I was able to determine that in addition to the Essentials, Claris also has the Standard plan, which is $39 per user per month (billed annually). The Essentials plan looks like it has limited options compared to the Standard tier.

Your options are Claris FileMaker Cloud if you want to have it for teams or On Premise for their Claris FileMaker Server. Additionally, they have choices for Individuals or for Claris Connect. Claris Connect is the choice if you are looking for automation.

Surprisingly, Claris FileMaker has a 45-day trial period. The only requirement was that you need to fill out a form.

Final Thoughts

According to Claris, the answer to Why Claris is, “Problem solvers don’t just solve problems, they make digital transformation happen. And everything we do is designed to help them win the day.”

I know we shared a lot of information on the whole meaning of basic application development with Claris. Generally, we touched on who Claris is (and was) and subtopics, all having to do with application development.

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