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If you have an iPhone, you have probably heard of or even tried Alfred 4 for Mac. Let me explain what it is, and then I can explain Windows alternatives.

Application Launcher Explanation

An application launcher is a computer program. Its purpose is to help a user locate and start other computer programs. In addition, an application launcher provides shortcuts to computer programs. The shortcuts are stored in one place, making them easier to find.

What Is Alfred 4

According to Alfred 4 for Mac, Alfred is an award-winning app for macOS. Boost your efficiency with hotkeys, keywords, text expansion, and more. Search your Mac and the web and be more productive with custom actions to control your Mac.

What Are Windows Alternatives to Alfred 4

It seems no one can agree as to what the best Windows app launchers are. Since many of the apps appear on multiple top application lists, we’ll introduce those that appear to be the most common.


Wox is an open-source Windows app launcher that urges you to access programs and web material as you type. Create a theme that matches your desktop. You can then modify your themes based on selected colors, fonts, sizes, etc.

Noteworthy features include fast program launches and quick finding of local files and applications without stopping your keyboard. Additionally, Wox sorts files automatically depending on how often you use them.

Wox includes the ability to search the web with preset keywords. Plus, you can do your own web searches through the settings pane of the application.

You can download Wox for free.


You can also download Listary for free. One of the benefits of Listary is its speed in searching and launching applications. Once you complete the install and launch the app, it takes you through a quick tutorial highlighting basic search functionality. The default hotkey for the app is hitting the Ctrl key twice.

Once you start typing, the options to search only files or jump into the Action menu with commands to cut, copy, paste, and more are visible. The search bar goes a step further by offering access to favorites, recent items, and commands by expanding the ellipsis (three dots on the right of the bar) built into the bar itself.

Also, the app has specific default keywords to choose from when you conduct a web search for popular sites such as Gmail, Twitter, and eBay. To access Keywords and other settings, choose the Listary icon from the system tray and select Options.

Keypirinha Launcher

Keypirinha has so many features for Windows that it is no wonder people refer to it as “a fast launcher for keyboard ninjas.” Let me show you what I mean. Continuing our presentation of free apps, the app launcher for Windows quickly finds and launches a world of items. Keypirinha finds and launches files, bookmarks, applications, registry keys, URLs, sessions, and more. Additionally, you can search web queries. This versatile app is even helpful for evaluating mathematical expressions with the use of just the keyboard.

Keypirinha has many features including starting a search on any configured website or online dictionary, translation languages on the go, base converting numbers, searching the environment variables, initiating a copied URL directly, and more.

Hain Launcher

Don’t look for Hain to have extra bells and whistles. This launcher app for Windows is just a clean, fresh, and user-friendly interface. According to Once you open this launcher app, it opens with a simple console highlighting its search bar and suggests things you can try out. Search results populate quickly and with ease. Hain allows some typos within reason. One example is you can get away with typing exel or wrd for Excel and Word respectively.

There are multiple plugins to search for popular websites, launch commands with cmd.exe, jot down simple notes, use the calculator, open URLs, and manage other tasks. You can also use the apps’ built-in plugins for file search and file extension and add or delete choices accordingly.

One feature we have not seen before is that Hain also has a dedicated setting for the Window position. You can be set it to a draggable window or to automatically remember the window position. That’s not all, however. When you launch the app, it can also be centered or set to a specific position on your desktop. Overall, this free launcher app for windows has a wide array of features.

Jarvis Launcher

One more launcher application we’ll introduce to you is Jarvis Launcher. Developed under the MIT license, Jarvis is by far the most straightforward Windows 10 search app. Alt + Space is the default hotkey; once you start it up after installation, you can get started searching for a query. The user interface has a clean white search bar with only two options under the Settings menu.

While one option is to check for updates and get update previews, the other is the file indexing option. You can choose to add access for folders and file extensions. It supports most extensions for various file types for audio, video, images, and documents.

According to the developers, this Jarvis Launcher is only built only for Windows 10.

** Note: You can see all of the above launcher apps for Windows on GitHub.**

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