Are iPads meant for children?

April 27, 2018 3:54 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Are iPads meant for children?

I was thinking about purchasing an iPad for my 6-year-old grandson, that is until I tried to lock down some of the features on my iPad.  What I found out is despite Apple’s advertising, iPads aren’t kid friendly.

Disabling features

Children don’t need to have passcodes, push notifications, Wallet or Apple Pay on their devices and there is no way to disable these features. They also don’t need custom keyboards or change the region or date. They don’t need almost anything in the Settings app.

All Apps aren’t children friendly

There should be a way for apps to know what the allowed content ratings are. An app should be able to know what’s G and PG media is set up on the device. The Youtube app wouldn’t need its own rating system, and would have some WebKit API to only allow kid-appropriate videos.

Time Limit features

There should be a time limit feature parents can set to automatically turn off the iPad at a certain time frame.  Children need other activities other than playing games on digital devices, they need time to play outside and not spend all their time on iPads.


There needs to be a feature to hide/or turn off certain apps such as games, so children won’t get distracted or tempted to play their games when they are supposed to be doing their homework. All the remote management systems out there that allow this require device supervision (and not just MDM) and are a complete pain to set up and administer.


There needs to be a remote monitoring system for parents monitor how their children are using the iPad.  Showing them how long they’re spending in each app, and when they last used it, so they can verify if the children are actually doing their homework in Lexia and not playing Angry Birds.

iMessage and FaceTime

There needs to be a way to allow only certain people children can contact.  They should only be able to text/talk to daddy, mommy, grandma, and maybe some of their favorite aunts/uncles/cousins.

User Accounts

There needs to be a way to set up separate user accounts just in case children forget their password.  This way parents can login to the main account and reset the password easily, instead of having to spend hours getting the device into DFU mode, re-installing the OS, and then re-downloading all of their apps.


iPads are great, but they weren’t meant for children.  Yes, it’s okay to allow them on your iPad to play games or do their homework occasionally if you watch them closely and set time limits, but to buy one for a child to have as their own, well that’s questionable.  In today’s society parents and grandparents have the responsibility to keep our children safe. And unless you want to monitor everything your child does on an iPad 24/7 then children should not have their own iPad.

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