Aurora HDR 2018 Finally for Mac and Windows

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Aurora HDR 2018 Finally for Mac and Windows

Apple unveiled its charts and trends, celebrating the most popular apps of 2017, and named Aurora HDR 2018 as the Best Mac App of 2017!  That is a great honor. And now Aurora HDR 2018  has a windows version that is just like their Mac version.

What is Aurora HDR 2018?

Aurora HDR is photographic software that edits photos using HDR technology.

HDR photography gives you the best of both worlds when taking pictures of static subjects such as landscapes, buildings or anything that’s not going to move.   HDR photos are created when a photographer takes multiple shots, usually three or more, of the same scene: one underexposed, one properly exposed, and one overexposed. Then software such as Aurora HDR  can be used to combine all the images into a single picture that has detail in both the highlights and the shadows.

Aurora HDR allows you to reveal all the details in every photo, recreating and reflecting the best image possible.  The software has numerous options allowing you to create perfect HDR images that are as true to form as possible, or enables you to be creative using intelligent filters. Aurora HDR is an All-in-one HDR editor that will surprise you.

Some of the features are:

  •         Advanced tone-mapping technology
  •         Advanced image processing engine
  •         Mac & Windows Support
  •         Intuitive user interface
  •         HDR Enhancer
  •         Fast Brackets Merging
  •         Native RAW Support
  •         Pro Preset Packs
  •         Custom preset pack support
  •         Lens Correction tool
  •         Transform Tool
  •         Dodge & Burn Filter
  •         Multiple layers & blend modes
  •         Color Temperature
  •         Polarize Filter
  •         High-quality presets for all HDR styles
  •         Luminosity Masking
  •         HDR Denoise
  •         Adobe Photoshop plug-in
  •         Adobe Lightroom plug-in
  •         Apple Photos/ Aperture extension
  •         Multiple licenses for 5 computers
  •         +over 100 tools and features

If you want an app that will help your pictures come to life, then Aurora HDR is for you.

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