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Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed due to your files being unorganized? How easy is it to use an automation tool for Windows to make your life easier? As you know, I’m always looking for applications that will help you. Here is one tool that we recommend.

Welcome to the DropIt Automation Tool for Windows

Who is DropIt? DropIt is open-source software that was developed by Lupo73, divinity666, and others on SourceForge.

This automation tool for Windows enables flexibility with automating and organizing files and folders. To name some of its capabilities, you can move, compress, extract, rename, delete, list, send by mail, encrypt, and much more.

Learn More About Your Automation Assistant

The DropIt automation assistant is a powerful application, to say the least. To put it another way, you have a multitude of highlights you can use. Notably are just a few that I have listed below for your review:

• First, don’t waste time. Use drag-and-drop to process your files and folders. Simply drop them on your target image.
• Next, abbreviations – Experience the ease that you can support internal, custom, and system environment variables.
• Third – Encryption – Keep your profiles safe with the use of a password.
• Additionally is multiple filtration options – Sort your files and folders by name, directory, size, dates, properties, content, or regular expressions. Meanwhile, there are many more choices you can make such as the ability to create your own rules for how you want to handle a particular file like moving all .jpg files to Pictures.
• Finally, enjoy upgraded software with automatic updates.
• There are more options you can view at

So what do other people think about this DropIt automation tool for Windows?

DropIt Reviews

In my view, DropIt is well worth getting. But what do other people think about this automation tool? Granted, while the reviews I looked at are old as Kim Skaugvoll said in his video above, the overall consensus is that the developers outdid themselves in creating DropIt.

There is nothing more aggravating than your PC acting up at the most inopportune times, is there? Or, maybe you need help with understanding the best way to utilize DropIt automation tool. Contact Megabite now and tame that unruly computer for all our PC Services.

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