Be Prepared for a Medical Emergency

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Are you ready for a medical Emergency? Would first responders know your medical history, to treat you properly? Would your loved ones be alerted immediately? If the answer is no, you need to set up the Medical ID and Emergency SOS App for smartphones. iPhone already has the app built in.

Android users will need to install an Emergency SOS app from the google play store. Then, you need to order stickers for your phones, vehicles, and home to alert first responders that you have a Medical ID and Emergency SOS App on your phone and set up. This way, first responders and medical professionals will know how to access your vital medical information immediately and know how to treat you.

The stickers are a one-time $7.99 for 6 stickers, or if you take a 2-minute assessment to see how prepared you are for an emergency, the stickers are $5.99 for 6 stickers. 2 for Phones, 2 for Vehicles, and 2 for homes. Here is the link to order the stickers

Squeeze the side of the phone, swipe SOS across, and it calls 911, once you hang up, it automatically sends a text message to the contacts you have set up. The paramedics can access your medical information and know your medications, allergies, and medical conditions.

Wake up your phone and tap on  in case of emergency, it calls 911, and once you hang up, it then alerts your emergency contacts, The paramedics can have access to your medical information. The sticker on back of the phone will let other know how to access your medical information.

Your Phone always stays locked, and no one can access any of your personal information except for medical information they need, to help save your life.

Always be prepared for an Emergency.


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