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Bitwarden Password Manager

January 18, 2022 3:56 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Does it seem like we are always harping on you to get a password manager, get a virus protection software, watch out for phishing, and many other warnings having to do with people fraudulently trying to access your data? Well, it is because we care. Our next venture is to introduce you to Bitwarden Password Manager.

Safe or Unsafe?

According to SafetyDetectives, they wondered if Bitwarden Password Manager is safe? SafetyDetectives did a review of the 10 Best Password Managers (2022). Bitwarden came in number nine out of ten reviews. And this was out of 52 reviews that the author, Katarina Glamoslija, conducted. So, the fact that Bitwarden rated that high in the category of security speaks volumes. Take a look below:

* Strong encryption.
* Two-factor authentication (2FA).
* Password security auditing.
* Password breach monitoring.
* Cloud or local hosting options.

Bitwarden Password Manager Value

According to Bitwarden’s pricing page, there is an Individual plan and a Business plan. The Personal Plans are broken down to Free Basic Forever and Premium. You can rest assured that the Premium portion is very reasonable at $10/yr. If you look at the Business Plan, you have the Teams Organization and the Enterprise Organization plans. The Teams breaks down to $3 per month while the Enterprise breaks down to $5 per month. You are billed on an annual basis.

And look at the amazing features every Bitwarden Password Manager account has below:

display of core features in Bitwarden Password Manager

Cons of Bitwarden

According to SafetyDetectives, Bitwarden is not as easy to use as some of the more highly-rated password managers that SafetyDetectives looked at. Also mentioned were comments that you will not find Bitwarden as intuitive as other managers, and the interface is not easy for beginners with little or no technical knowledge.

Compatibility with Operating Systems

Access, secure, and manage passwords from any location or device through the access vault. You can use Bitwarden Password Manager with Windows PC, Mac, or Android/iPhone. Your data is fully encrypted before leaving your device with sealed end-to-end AES-256 bit encryption, salted hashing, and PBKDF2 SHA-256.

Additional Security Features & Benefits

Bitwarden is packed with features and benefits that you can use. I’ve listed a few for your review.

* Zero Knowledge Encryption – You are safe with one-way hashing. Your data is never stored and is never decrypted.
* Source Code Transparency – Due to Bitwarden being open-source, you can be assured that regular audits occur and are improved on.
* Security Compliance – Bitwarden is compliant with Privacy Shield, HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA, SOC2, and SOC3 security standards.

There are more benefits that you can read up on.


Now is the time to keep your passwords safe! These days you need to do everything you can to keep your data and accounts safe. Bitwarden Password Manager is an excellent choice and affordable.

Did I mention that we will have two more blog posts about Bitwarden’s alternative features coming up soon? Stay tuned.

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