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Brave Browser



A lot of us are not comfortable with the idea of being a product with Google or any other services provider for that matter and running the daily risk of being followed and tracked, all in the disguise of increasing provider sales.  As a result, new services in the browser sphere have come along. The one we will be talking about today is Brave.

One of the main features that sets the Brave browser apart from browsers like Google Chrome is performance.  Google Chrome is known as a resource hog; Brave is not. An additional benefit that Brave has is a built-in adblocker feature.

The Brave browser is built on Chromium which is the same basic structure that open-source major browsers are built on. So, what that means for the user is that most Google Chrome extensions are made available to Brave.

For me, that means that I must install the Evernote Web Clipper.  Since I do so much research on the web, the Evernote Web Clipper is a must-have tool for me.

Another popular resource is Instapaper. Do you like to save things on your computer like articles, recipes, or videos? Instapaper is your go-to resource for reading and managing those important items you want to keep. There are also popular password managers such as 1Password and LastPass which can also be found in the web store on Brave.

Brave was developed by Brendan Eich, co-founder of Mozilla and creator of the JavaScript programming language. The Brave browser always uses the more secure HTTPS connection. If a website doesn’t have HTTPS, Brave tells you that with a clear “not secure” warning.

Brave shields against malware and phishing attempts to stop auto-playing videos, prevents fingerprinting scripts from exploiting you and terminates malicious attempts to steal and exploit your private information.

Brave has built-in privacy windows with Tor, and it is the best way to browse anonymously on the web. This makes it an ideal choice for a web browser.

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