COVID 19 Vaccine Scams Please Beware

December 26, 2020 8:21 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Healthcare is a huge target for cybercrime. And now that the COVID 19 vaccine is available it isn’t surprising that we are starting to see related scams.

Please be aware of phone calls, text messages, social media links and posts, emails, and even in-person tactics that will be used to acquire your money or personal information.  Don’t fall victim if someone calls and offers you a vaccine (which might be a fake or fraudulent vaccine being offered.) Also, beware of offers of being able to be a part of an early distribution or avoiding long lines.

We expect to seniors targeted heavily as COVID 19 is a major risk factor for the older generations.  A recent scam offered priority vaccinations for $79.99 to victims.   This is just one of many scams we expect to see as the pandemic continues.

Always check and verify

Everyone should always go through their doctor to get approved medical treatment.  If you receive a phone call from your doctor’s office offering a vaccine, don’t give any information.  Call your doctor’s office at their number and verify the call you just received was legitimate.

Be cautious of any information that is on social media as to where to get a vaccine or that advertise approved vendors or offer priority distribution.

If you have questions or concerns about any information that you see or receive, you can contact your government resources or your doctor directly.

Stay safe and avoid scams.




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