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I remember as a child when it was important to keep a personal diary where I kept my innermost thoughts and secrets. Did you do that? Well, now there is a digital diary called the Day One Journal App.

Comparison Between Diary and Journal

What’s the difference between a diary and a journal? A diary and a journal are pretty much synonymous. Well, almost.

A diary is defined as a book where you can keep a daily record of events and experiences. On the other hand, a journal takes an additional step. A journal has two definitions. Not only is a journal the same as a diary, but it also is a newspaper or magazine that brings to light details on a particular subject or professional activity. For example, the Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine or JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association) are two very well-known journals.

Introduction to Day One Journal App

Day One is a journaling app for the iPhone, iPad and Mac. Day One takes your journaling experience into a digital diary format and takes the drudgery out of doing all the handwriting that you may be accustomed to.

To clarify, the Day One app had a mission in 2011 to satisfy the need of customers who wanted to record and store those treasured memories, photos, and important details of your life.

What Are Some Features of Day One

Day One is so much more than a digital diary. It has a great look to it, is easy to use, and can catalog those important moments that you want to capture. First, I want to make sure that you are aware of the security features that are available to you.

According to the Apple app preview, the app is free; however, there are premium features that you can get through the free one. So, let’s look at security like I mentioned.

Did I mention that the app is private and secure? In fact, this journal app is privacy protected and you can trust that it has end-to-end encryption. Next, it can be made secure using either a passcode or biometrics (you know, fingerprints or facial expressions.) And you can even export options to ensure your journal entries remain yours forever.

What Else Can the App Do

While you are using the app, you will find it so easy to use that you will fall in love with it. Enjoy an unlimited number of text entries, amazing rich text formatting with markdown, and best of all, you can create multiple journals.

In addition, some additional features I would like to bring to your attention are the below:

  • Capture the moment anytime anywhere on your iPhone or Android
  • Use your iPad or Mac for long-form writing
  • Don’t have your phone? That’s okay. Use audio recording or dictation to create an entry on your Apple Watch
  • Save websites in a flash using Chrome or Safari extensions

Premium Is Super – and Affordable

In short, you may think that you will have to stay with the free app. After all, we are all watching our pennies these days, right? But according to Day One Pricing, you really can afford the Premium features and you get so much more. And the best part is that if you decide to go with the Premium plan, your data becomes available across all of Apple apps: iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, and Android.

Oh, I forgot to mention. Data One is now an entity of Automattic effective June 14.

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