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December 26, 2023 3:19 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Drafts, the iOS app that’s been my trusty companion for seven years, has proven to be an indispensable ally in my creative journey. Whether I’m struck by a brilliant idea, a sudden moment of inspiration, or simply need a reliable place to quickly jot down thoughts, Drafts has been the vessel capturing my ideas before they slip away.

Drafts’ beauty lies in its simplicity and efficiency. As soon as the app is opened, it welcomes me to a blank canvas, ready to absorb my ideas without any distractions. This seamless, immediate access ensures that no fleeting notion goes unrecorded, allowing me to swiftly capture and retain the essence of my thoughts.

The app’s ability to append or prepend text to existing notes has been a game-changer for me. It encourages the evolution of my ideas, allowing them to grow and transform over time within the same note, reflecting the organic nature of creativity itself.

What sets Drafts apart is its adaptability in accommodating various forms of content, be it plain text, images, tasks, or even snippets of code. This versatility ensures that regardless of the idea’s form, Drafts is equipped to capture it in its entirety.  Moreover, Drafts’ seamless integration with other applications and services extends its functionality.

Whether I’m sharing notes across platforms, automating tasks with custom actions, or exporting content in different formats, Drafts supports my creative workflow at every step.

My seven-year journey with Drafts speaks volumes about its reliability and significance in my life. It’s not merely a note-taking app; it’s a repository of my creativity, a vault where my ideas flourish and evolve. In a world where thoughts can evaporate as quickly as they emerge, Drafts has been the steadfast guardian ensuring that my ideas are safely preserved and readily accessible. Here’s to seven years of fruitful idea’s and countless more to come, where Drafts continues to be the trusted companion nurturing my creativity and safeguarding my ideas.


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