Dropbox Playing Catch-up

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Dropbox wants to play with the big boys. You know who they are, right? You may even have uploaded files to their site so you would have a backup of your local files in the cloud. Even though Dropbox is playing catch-up, now the company has its eyes on a bigger prize. The company now wants to…

Dropbox playing catch-up

…become a leader. According to The Verge, you will see a significant change as they change how the company plays catch-up with their competitors. Now, the focus is to soar to new heights with its new desktop app, “the new Dropbox.”

What Is So Great About the New Dropbox?

The new Dropbox is not so new as it has been around for some time now. According to Dropbox, you can enjoy using one workspace to “organize your content, connect your tools, and bring everyone together, wherever you are.”

What Can You Expect?

The new Dropbox is a desktop application that opens your eyes to a wholly unique experience. The company has put a lot of time and effort into playing catch-up. You get the benefits and features from Dropbox’s endeavors. I’ve read that most people who work on a computer can’t stay in one app for more than roughly six minutes. We’re constantly jumping back and forth between apps to get our work done.

Dropbox is all about giving you a “streamlined way to view and access content.” The company has a new style. We’ve all been in a digital mess with files and folders and apps all being open simultaneously. Dropbox tells us that this is the end of the line for all that digital chaos. This is the beginning of the many endeavors they have begun to implement for now and the future.

* Automated Folders – a new way of creating folders and automating tasks.
* Automated Dashboard – Now, you can manage the automated folders from a centralized dashboard.
* Multi-file Organize – How would it sound to be able to categorize and sort multiple files at the same time based on dates, keywords, or level of file activity.
* Naming Conventions – Your possibilities are open to you. Choose the naming format you want to use for as many of your filenames as you wish.

The “new desktop” has improvements to Dropbox in File Explorer (Windows), macOs Finder, the Windows taskbar, and the Mac menu bar.

From looking at the Dropbox website, they make the task of automating files so smooth.

Dropbox Leads the Competition

One of the most innovative and exciting products that Dropbox has introduced is the DocSend platform.

Don’t leave sending your documents to chance.

Final Words

Dropbox has all the makings of being the Rolls Royce of file management apps. They have tons of features. Below is a partial list of Features:

* Focus on what matters.
* Be organized.
* Store and access files from anywhere.
* Get in sync.
* Bring all your work together.
* Work smarter from your desktop
* And many more

Move over competition. No longer is Dropbox playing catch-up. The company is now on its way to being the leader.

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