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One of the key features of Dropbox is being able to quickly share files. If you have large photos, videos, or folders of documents, or you need to share with others, Dropbox is perfect for sharing them. You just provide them with a link that you can include in an email to whomever you need to get the files to.

Dropbox also allows you to have access to files across all your devices. Any files that you store in your account Dropbox is made available to any device you have Dropbox running on.

Using Dropbox Selective Sync is especially useful if you have a minimum of storage space on your computer. Here is how it works. Dropbox selective sync gives you the power to choose the folders you want to remove from your computer because they are taking up too much space. The entire folder and its contents are then stored in your account in dropbox.com.

Do you know that one of the main reasons that makes Dropbox a great cloud storage selection is because it is so well-known? When it comes to the cloud storage space, the Dropbox brand is in the league of Xerox when it comes to photocopying or printing, and in the league of Google when it comes to search.

Not only does Dropbox support all the major platforms such as Mac, PC, Android and iOS, Dropbox is also easy to use. In fact, their design is copied and utilized by all the other cloud storage services.

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