Duet Display

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Duet Display

Have you ever wanted or needed two monitors?   If you have and iPad or iPhone you can use it as a second monitor!  That’s right, you can hook your iPad or iPhone to your window or mac computer using a 30-pin or lightning cable and have a second monitor.

Duet Display is an app that turns your iPad or iPhone into an extra display for only $14.99. Thanks to new split-screen multitasking technology this little app is more capable than ever before with their performance upgrades.

What’s really cool is you can dedicate two-thirds of the display for Mac apps if you own an iPad Air 2 or iPad pro, and the other third you can have dedicated for iOS apps.  Not only that but if you have an iPad pro, Duet Display Pro now supports the Apple Pencil. Which allows you to draw on your iPad, and have it show up on your main computer monitor.

When connecting, your main computer screen will flash a few times, this is normal as the app needs to get the correct resolution set on both computer and iPad/iPhone screens.  You can override the resolution settings if you so desire in the menu bar app.

After connected you can drag a window from your computer screen over to the iPad giving you more real estate and allowing you to work with more applications without having to minimize programs.  The other neat thing is if you want to access your IOS apps while still connected to your computer simply press the home button.

Bottom line: if you own an iPad and need a portable dual-display, then you need to give Duet display a try.

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