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How much do you know about keeping your data safe on your computer and in the Cloud? Do you need to have encryption software? Do you know what encryption software is? Let’s take a look at some answers to these and more intriguing questions.

What Is Encryption

I recently read that if I don’t want you or anyone else to read what is on my computer or in my Cloud, all I need to do is take my easily understood data and encrypt it. You won’t be able to read it if I use encryption software to take the easily understood and convert it into a scrambled, technical format.

Here, let me give you an example. Say I had typed something on my computer in easily understood human English like the cow jumped over the moon. If I want to encrypt that, I use software that will change it into something you can’t read. For example, it might look similar to this, “ejsbowul;n24g p’b1p 12qjwgfjknk vjlfqwvjkl *7bxt 1vqwclkvb.” So, to be very secure, encryption will prevent anyone from guessing what the key is.

For a more detailed explanation of encryption software, you can check out Wired’s article.

Why Is Encryption Important

There are many reasons that it is vital to use software that encrypts your content. Cloudflare does an excellent job of summarizing that for us.


Encryption ensures that no one can read communications or data at rest except the intended recipient or the rightful data owner.


Encryption helps keep you safe from data breaches, whether the data is in transit or at rest. If a corporate device is lost or stolen and its hard drive is encrypted correctly, the information on that device will still be secure.

Data integrity

Encryption also helps prevent malicious behavior such as on-path attacks. When you send data across the Internet, encryption (along with other integrity protections) ensures that what the recipient receives has not been manipulated fraudulently on the way.


Public key encryption, among other things, can be used to establish that a website’s owner owns the private key listed in the website’s TLS certificate.


Many industries and government regulations require companies that handle user data to keep that data encrypted for all these reasons.

What Is a Good Encryption Software

There are many choices you have to choose from file encryption software. One that we like is Boxcrypter. This software is made in Germany and is compatible with more than 30 cloud providers. The security level is end-to-end encryption.

Whether you need personal, company, or enterprise protection, Boxcryptor is here for you. According to Boxcryptor’s pricing page, all plans provide the following:

 Protection with the highest end-to-end encryption standards AES-256 and RSA-4096
 Secure file access sharing with other Boxcryptor users for easy collaboration
 Optional: Additional account protection with two-factor authentication (2FA)

Your security and privacy of your data, whether on your computer or in the Cloud, is critical. It’s up to you as to how you manage your safety online. Whether you decide to use Boxcryptor or another encryption software, by all means, at least consider it. Contact us if you need some advice. You can also call us at 904-430-0350.

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