Evernote: Scanning Receipts

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Evernote: Scanning Receipts

With Evernote for Android, they’ve mimicked the feature of Scannable, a new app, only they’ve improved on the paramount features that you and I need in our everyday lives. With the abilities of your smartphone camera, you can scan your receipts with ease. The best part? Evernote’s integrated camera option within the app is easy to use.

Photo Capture Modes

You get a total of two: automatic and manual. It’s fairly straightforward. With automatic mode, Evernote’s integrated camera screen detects the recommended size for your new digital document. More than that, it cleans up the image and makes it crisp, as if it were created and viewed solely on a computer. Evernote processes and crops the image to specifications for you—there’s no legwork here; point and click. Manual mode simply takes the screenshot, puts it into a specific Evernote-oriented gallery, and gives you time to scale the image to your specifications manually.

Business Card Scanner

It’s truly something to watch an image have critical information harvested from it with a single snapshot. We’re not at the receipt part yet, but this is crucial for foreshadowing what the future holds in terms of harvesting proper information from your receipts to upload directly to tax documents. With Evernote, simply take a snapshot of a business card in automatic mode, and it will take key information, and save it in a specific type of note for viewing later.

Receipt Scanning

Be sure to label your receipts in Evernote once you’ve taken a picture so you can locate them easily when tax time rolls around. Don’t even wait to get to the car when you leave a store; take a picture of your receipt with Evernote at the terminal. We all lose receipts in our car—now you won’t be caught without a receipt to account for your tax break purchase.

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