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Whether you want to or not, habits are the mainstay of lives – whether they be good or bad. Is there help for people that tend to develop bad habits? Yes! You can excel with the coach.me habit tracking.

Are Habits Habit-forming

We all want to believe that we developed habits (especially the good ones) by using willpower. According to Lochby, “research published by the American Psychological Association, say that’s not entirely the case. Instead, studies show “that a lot of human behavior is repeated often enough in the same context to form habits.” In fact, 43% of our everyday actions are said to be enacted habitually, even while we’re thinking of something else.”

It’s not easy to break old habits, let alone create new patterns. Typically, you don’t realize you are developing habits, to begin with. There are many habit-tracking apps you can use to see your progress. The habit tracker we are going to speak about in this post is coach.me.

What Makes Coach.me So Special

First of all, in our search for a good habit planning app, we ran across the website College Info Geek. Their article, “The 11 Best Habit Tracking Apps in 2021,” is an eye-opener as to the variety and multitude of habit trackers. Coach.me sits at a very respectable rating of 4th on their list. Why did this habit planning app rate so high, you might ask? Beginning with price, let’s look at some significant features that make the app a value-added choice.


At its core, there’s no charge to use the Coach.me app! The app, with its community support features, is entirely free to use.

Now, if you add coaching, there will be a charge for that. You’ll know for sure if you’re doing that so that it won’t be a surprise, and you’ll see the price when you purchase.


Tracking your habits is an effective way to form new ones. Sometimes, however, you need someone to provide extra support in getting motivation. The Coach app introduces you to people that will give you that much-needed push.

At its core, Coach is a capable habit tracker that lets you check off your habits as you do them. The real value, however, lies in the community and coaching aspects of the app.

Do you have questions and need answers? Check into the community for help. If you decide to get coaching, take advantage of step-by-step plans that the coaches can help you with.


Coach is a Free and Simple Habit Tracking App for iPhone, Android, and Web. The tracking app helps you create and build good habits. How? You will excel with Coach habit tracking with charts and graphs that show you your progress. Encouraging thinking pushes you to extend your habit streak in easy-to-use and straightforward steps. Set up your own custom reminders. Then, if you have Apple Watch, get those much-needed reminders.


Speaking of tracking, look at what you can track. You can keep an eye on targets and reminders for how often you want to perform each habit. In addition, you can monitor trends during each progression. Get high-fives from the community as you reach each of your milestones.


iPhone users – did I mention you can check in from your iPhone’s Today View without having to open the app.

Hopefully, we have provided you with a game plan that will allow you to excel with a habit tracker called coach.me. Don’t hesitate to check it out. And if you have questions that you can’t find the answer to, please get in touch with us at 904-430-0350.

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