Favorite Uses For Siri

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Favorite Uses For Siri


If you have an iPhone and need help keeping up with your busy life then this article is for you. Siri is an ingenious AI assistant that can help you plan your day, week, month, even year. Here are some of the favorite uses for Siri.

Three, Two, One, App Launch

If you’re like me you probably have a ton of apps on your phone that you downloaded to check out at a later time and haven’t had time to decide if you want to use the app or not.  As a result, it’s a pain scrolling through all the apps you have downloaded just to find the one you’re looking for. Problem solved: Simply ask Siri to launch the app you need, and she’ll get right to it. No more shuffling in frustration, swiping from panel to panel trying to locate a certain app.

Simple Math

If you’re not great a math, and have a hard time figuring out simple math functions such as how much of a tip do you need to leave just ask Siri, “What’s 15% of X amount?”  And the best part is you no longer need the tip app you have downloaded.  So one less app you have to scroll through.

Location-Based Reminders

Leading the busy life isn’t always glamorous, especially when you have so much on your plate that you end up forgetting little details. You know, like the fact that it’s your wedding anniversary and you didn’t book a reservation, or you need a reminder when you are near the mall to purchase a gift.  Simply ask Siri to set a reminder that will specifically go off when you reach a disclosed location that you’ve saved, such as your home, or work or the mall. Just say, “Siri, remind me when I get home that I need to book a reservation, or “Siri, remind me to purchase a gift when I’m close to the mall.” Voila. you can now free up brain space and focus on more important things than having to remember stuff. Siri has your back.


If you’re not utilizing Apple Maps, you should be. When your phone is integrated into your app choices, you can just use Siri to ask “When am I going to arrive?” And she’ll give you the same ETA that’s located on your Apple Maps destination. No distracted driving, no looking at your phone as you pass a speed trap. You’re welcome in advance.

Arm The Alarm, Delete, and Repeat

Whether you get up at 5:00 AM every single day, or you’re just trying to take a nap, you don’t want to go into your clock app and manually set all of these. We can’t blame you; we don’t want to do it either. Just ask Siri, “Set an alarm for 6:00 PM,” or whenever you want to get up.

The fun bit is this: she’s going to save every single alarm you have her create. When and if you finally go into your app, you’re going to see a laundry list a mile wide with every alarm you’ve ever made. Ever. But, there’s a silver lining. Just say, “Siri, delete all my alarm,” and consider it done.


You can get Siri to call you by any nickname of your choosing. Yes, even the inappropriate ones. If you ask her, “Siri, what’s the current score for tonight’s game?” She will respond to you properly, and end it with your name.

As a cautionary tale, if you’re the type to share your contact card information with friends or colleagues, you will also be passing along whatever Siri calls you. Don’t get caught putting a vulgar or explicit name down, not if you plan on sharing your contact information with, well, anybody at all.

Itemized Lists

You can use Siri for a whole lot, but when it comes to remembering things, well, you can actually do that too. This one only takes a little bit of manual setup to get started. Simply open up your reminders app, and create a category, or list, that you wish to put things into. For example, if you’re going through the pantry, and you just don’t want to write out a list on paper, (because who does that anymore?) you can say, “Hey, Siri: add eggs to my shopping list.” So long as your specific destination is titled “Shopping List,” you’re good to go. She’s going to add that item to the appropriate list, so when you get to the supermarket, you’ll be ready to shop without forgetting anything.

Emergency Services

Okay, so we’ll drop the fun for a moment. If you’re utilizing all the features of your iPhone 7, then you have the option to begin anything with, “Hey, Siri,” and begin your voice recognition journey. If you’re at home alone, or at risk for health issues, you can use this feature and have Siri call for emergency services. Here’s the kicker: you can’t use Siri once a call has been initiated, and if you’re calling 911 from across the room, they won’t be able to hear you unless you specify, “Hey, Siri, call 911 on speaker.” Otherwise, you’re just going to be background chatter to some EMTs, and you won’t be able to initiate another call unless it’s manual, or if they end the phone call first.

Home Automation

One of the biggest advancements in modern technology is that Disney movies are coming to life. (Did anyone catch that reference?) Your home can now be a Smart Home, where things like outlets, light bulbs, thermostats and more can all be automated. With the sound of your voice, and Siri in hand, you can just simply ask, and you shall receive.

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