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Files, new documents, and old documents everywhere. I was at a loss until I discovered an automatic Windows file management system that actually works. In order to maintain my sanity, I now organize files using File Juggler.

What Is File Juggler

File Juggler is a multifunction tool you can use in many ways for a wide variety of purposes. For example, organize files, make maintenance tasks easier and make things happen automatically.

As revealed by CNET, Bitvaerk is a one-man independent software development company. Bitvaerk is based in Noerrebro, Copenhagen in Denmark. Bitvaerk is the developer of File Juggler, an automatic file management utility for windows.

For more about Bitvaerk and the developer, Simon, check out his latest news on updates.

How to Organize Using File Juggler

In addition to your being able to move and copy files automatically, you can rename files automatically, as well as delete files automatically. Being able to use these features allows you the flexibility to stay organized and arrange documents by their content.

To clarify, let me illustrate some ways you can do this with the use of bullet points.

Staying Organized

• Keep your desktop clean and organized.
• Keep order in your downloads folder.
• Extract downloaded files automatically.

That is not all. And you can do the following:

Organize Documents

Get ready to organize documents by their content:

• Move documents based on words in their content.
• Rename documents based on words in their content.
• Rename pdf documents with pdf properties.
• Use dates in documents to move and rename files.
• Upload to Evernote.

Support for Using File Juggler

The website does have an FAQ page. Besides this page, there is also a page for documentation for rules, monitoring folders, conditions, actions and more. My recommendation is that if you don’t find an answer on the site for what you need, then I suggest you contact the developer.

There is a 30-day trial for using File Juggler. According to this same page mentioned above, you can purchase File Juggler for $40 after the trial.

Do you like to have options before you chose a software application? Comparable to File Juggler is DropIt, an automation tool for Windows. Confused about which one is better or have questions about how to install and manage the one you chose? We are here for you. Contact us to learn more about our PC services.

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