How To Find Anything Fast On A Mac With The Atlas Recall App

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How To Find Anything Fast On A Mac With The Atlas Recall App


Ever run into this problem? You’re looking on your Mac, which is heavily loaded up with months or years of cached browsing information, and you’re desperately searching for that one article you read that’s crucial to your work. You didn’t save it in Apple Notes (or worse, you did, and you just can’t find it,) and there’s no other sign of hope out there. You’re just never going to find that bit of information again.

Don’t Panic; Atlas Recall Is Here!

This is one of the most innovative app/service combinations to arise in recent years. Atlas Recall makes it simple to find anything on your computer, with the highest success rate of any find-it tool you’ve ever utilized in the past. But what makes Atlas so special? Let’s get into that.

What Is Atlas Recall?

It’s a Mac app, complete with iPhone companion. When you utilize one of the most notorious tools ever—Spotlight—you’re scanning your disk for information, right? Atlas watches you while you work, and occasionally takes screenshots of what you’re doing for reference. It can show you a plethora of screencaps that are relative to your search field. You’ll be able to find everything you need in a snap, all with visual aids to help solidify the process. The best part? It’s customizable.

If you don’t want Atlas to take screencaps, it doesn’t have to. You can set its AI features to relate to what you’re comfortable with. Atlas is always hanging out on your taskbar, and can easily be summoned with a single click or predefined keystroke. You can set it to suggest related items during your search, much like Google’s autofill feature, only more adapted to your personal preferences, and less one-size-fits-all. With any AI-related program, it’s going to take a little time to get used to you.

The Simple Interface

Atlas isn’t an all-powerful app, but it is extremely useful. It comes with a simple search field, and a clear and concise algorithm to find you what you need, not just everything that you have. While Spotlight is more apt to give you a wider field of results and take longer to do so, Atlas focuses on habits and what you’re looking for with a more defined search criteria.

The interface is great, and though it gives you a more narrowed stream of results, you’ll need to try and remember one thing on your own: when you installed Atlas Recall. If you’re searching for something from a date before Atlas Recall’s installation, you’re going to turn up dry. Over time, Atlas will become a more refined engine than Spotlight, as long as you’re open to teaching it what you need want.

Deeper Searches

There are benefits right out of the gate when you decide to use Atlas Recall. When you use Spotlight or any other search option designed by Apple, you’re searching through files, and even in those text documents, it will yield results pertaining to keywords and phrases for better clarity. While that’s all good and great, what Apple’s Spotlight can’t do is locate messages in popular apps like Slack, Ryver, or older Skype conversations.

Atlas Recall gives you the speed you need as you progress alongside it. It’s not a full assistant like Siri or Microsoft’s Cortana. There are no voice commands; instead, Atlas puts all of its power into finding specific results while learning you.

Not Just An Overnight Sensation

Atlas Recall spent months upon months allowing users access to an open beta. We see all these AI wannabe apps pop up all the time. It’s the age of automation, and there’s no better way to design a proper AI program than through actual use. The beta users were extremely beneficial in every aspect of the process; what worked, what didn’t, and everything in between that they wanted to see in Atlas Recall.


Atlas Recall is the perfect solution to the overworked business person, who just can’t seem to organize or scour through the hundreds upon hundreds of files sitting on their Mac. If you deal mostly with cloud-based storage, it can still be of use. Atlas Recall destroys the necessity for bookmarks and keeps you productive. Don’t waste your time searching for missing files for five to ten minutes a pop—Atlas Recall it.

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