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Who Is Firefox?


I’m sure you have heard of Firefox, haven’t you? Also known as Mozilla Firefox, Firefox is a web browser in line with the other web browsers like Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Opera Mobile, Brave and Apple Safari.

Firefox Features 

In doing my most recent check, I noticed that Firefox has come back from being down in the ratings. In other words, Firefox has received more than a new coat of paint to put it into high contention with Google Chrome. Multiple improvements have been implemented to make sure their web browser stands out in the crowd.

Get the best from both worlds; Mozilla Firefox provides the privacy and speed of Safari plus the extensive library of extensions from Google Chrome. Why not have both? Firefox provides the power, speed and privacy a lot of us have been looking for in a browser.

Are you used to running your websites in Chrome? Try running them in Mozilla instead. Check out the super-fast responsiveness and have your same extensions that you are already familiar with in Chrome. And, I’m sure you will appreciate that for those on portable devices such as a laptop or a MacBook, Firefox consumes less battery power than Google Chrome.

Firefox has a feature called fencing which prevents tracking from online services like Facebook. It works like this. Firefox Container is the extension that you can add to your browser. Container creates a boundary between Facebook, Instagram and Messenger and the rest of the web limiting Facebook’s ability to follow you.

What this means is that when you are in Facebook and you open a new tab to do some searches, Facebook is not able to follow you. You will be able to tell where the trackers are blocked because you will see a fence icon. This will help with ads in Facebook being based on what you recently searched for on the web.

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