All The Fixings For Bear Notes

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All The Fixings For Bear Notes

In late 2016, a competitor for Microsoft’s OneNote, as well as the illustrious Evernote came to fruition. Bear Notes came out of the gate swinging, and really brings us some exceptional features that make it an instant success, and useful for just about anyone who’s on the fence between OneNote and Evernote. In a short amount of time, they’ve been able to use many of the highly-regarded features from multiple note-taking apps, and really blend it all together.

Organizational Detail

Hashtags just got a whole lot more useful. Instead of just being used to tag Facebook and Twitter posts, you’re getting the option to organize your notes in Bear Notes by tagging your specific session. So for example, if you toss in #shoppinglist, you’ll be able to see “Shopping List” as an option along the left side of your screen, under categories. You’ve just successfully tagged a note, making it easier to find them in the future.


Many users are siding with Bear as their primary note-taking app over many popular competitors, like Evernote, when they’re specifically in search for a no-hassle note-taking app. While Evernote is good, and it’s been around for nearly a decade, constant updates have made it a little crowded. Bear sticks to a simple design, and easy-to-understand features and components that won’t leave you scratching your head. Your can install and open Bear, and in ten minutes, have mastered the entire app front to back, inside and out.

Expanded Features

Everyone scraps the stock memo app on their phone when they get it, and it’s for good reason: there’s no way to customize your notes and messages. When you use Bear Note, there are a bunch of HTML-related options, as well as headings and different font and size options. It’s like having a condensed version of your favorite word processor in a little note app.


As it stands, Bear Notes has a premium service for $15.00 per year. If you boil that down monthly, you’re paying $1.25 per month for this exceptional service. Four pennies per day. Even if you don’t utilize the premium feature, you can still get way better usage out of this than any stock memo pad.

In the coming months, Bear is planning on adding a ton of integrations which will just enhance this great app even more.


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