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Productivity apps do not always meet the expectations of users. The apps are designed to make your work and personal tasks more accessible and more efficient to complete. However, some of them don’t meet the muster. Flipd is different. Come along with us to see why Flipd does help you be more productive – and happy at the same time.
Flipd Productivity

Be prepared to learn about a productivity software that not only helps you get things done but also motivates you and cares about your wellbeing too. In short, Flipd gives you everything you need to be productive and happy.

Productivity software, in general, makes your work and personal tasks more accessible and more efficient to complete. Sometimes it does so directly and sometimes indirectly. Whatever your profession or personal ambitions, the right productivity apps can help you reach your deadlines and goals.

How Can Flipd Help You

Flipd has many features that will help you get things done without the struggle of using a ‘task manager.’ Let’s look and see what some of the features are.

Productivity Timers

So, what does being productive mean to you? Use this fantastic software to track what matters most to you – things like how much time you spend studying, reading, classes, exercise time, and even taking breaks. Join or create your live study rooms, all while working with free lofi and ambient music as you work.

Productivity Insights

Gain a sense of understanding of what you’re spending your time on. Enjoy features that help you feel motivated with options that break down your progress. See charts that allow you to tag your activities using productivity categories, monitor your historical data across days, weeks, and months. Lastly, get your collection of badges for every milestone you have completed.

Productivity Community

Have fun while even doing a friendly competition among your friends. Help them succeed by supporting them with encouragement and cheer. And, of course, you can host live study events with members of your group.

Flipd Productivity Well Within Your Budget

Developed for iOS or Android, Flipd has downright affordable pricing. Start with the free-for-all option, and then if you decide to, migrate to Premium with an annual or monthly subscription.

Choose your number of breaks per session, statistical history, reminders, study time live, and length of timers, to name a few.

While we have mentioned other productivity software apps in the past, Flipd makes a lot of sense. Enjoy while you produce. What can be better than that?

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