Full Review on Powerbot for Gmail

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Review on Powerbot for Gmail

Review on Powerbot For Gmail



If you’re utilizing more than one brand of apps on your device, and let’s be honest, we all do, then you might encounter some issues when you want to use specific data from one or send notes from an app, and put it into another app, such as Gmail. With Powerbot, everything’s been taken care of for you so you don’t have to worry. Powerbot is essentially a collaborative tool that bridges the other apps that you already use altogether in a nice little package.

Bridge The App Gap

Powerbot connects to your Evernote, OneNote, and Dropbox accounts to full integration. You can now save something from your Gmail and send it to any of these apps with ease. You don’t have to open up a bunch of tabs or flip between functions on your phone or tablet. Powerbot connects all of these with ease.

When you’re in your Gmail,  just click on the new options over to the right, such as Clip Thread or Clip Message. This is where you can send things from Gmail to Evernote, OneNote or Dropbox, and you can even title it, add tags, comments, and more. It’s revolutionary. You aren’t just sitting copy and pasting things from your emails to your notes anymore, or ripping out certain bits of info, only to realize later that you didn’t do it properly, and you have to start the whole tedious task again.


So now, you’ll be able to utilize Powerbot for Gmail to send all the right information to your three favorite apps. It’s all well and good, but what about taking information from, say, Evernote and putting it into your Gmail? How about doing it without even going into your Evernote app? When everything is stored in the cloud, you can just pull your notes from Evernote directly into your Gmail. No hassle. No maneuvering.


If you want to incorporate Google Calendar functions into your subscription, you can expect to pay a subscription price of $2.49 per month. If you’re just looking to integrate your Evernote, OneNote and Dropbox files into one place without the calendar feature, you’re looking at $1.99 per month. It’s a reasonably priced app that’s certain to become more and more useful as time goes on.

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