Getting A Second Opinion Is Always Good Practice

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Getting A Second Opinion Is Always Good Practice

Thursday we had a new customer bring a computer into our shop for a second opinion.  The computer shop he took it to told him he needed to purchase a new computer because his computer was unrepairable.  He was pretty skeptical because when he took his computer to them for a simple update, his computer was running fine up to that point.

Once we started investigating, we found some of the settings had been disabled, causing the computer to run slow, and not able to access the internet.  Also, his anti-virus was removed, and he had several viruses on his computer. After talking with the customer, he verified that he did, in fact, have an antivirus program on his computer and was shocked to find out that it was no longer on his system.

Please with any company you decide to do business with if something doesn’t sound right before you take their advice always get a second opinion.  Unfortunately, some companies don’t look out for their customers and try to take advantage of certain situations.

Megabite always has our customers best interest at heart and will never take advantage of any situation.

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