Getting More Out of Google Keep

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Getting More Out of Google Keep



More Than Just Notes

If you have a smartphone (it’s 2017—you should probably get one,) then you’re well aware of most notepad or memo pad features integrated into every phone. You’re running late, need to jot a few things down, and that pen and paper isn’t at your fingertips. You’re going to use your notepad, and you’ll use it again and again, until the inevitable happens—we’ve all been victims of this circumstance—your phone breaks, or you lose it. Don’t feel so bad, I’ve done it too. With Google Keep, your notes will be stored to your Google account. Lost your phone? You’ve got Google. Let’s delve into some of the features.

Five Ways to Save 

Unlike the standard memo pad found on most devices, Google Keep offers four methods for note-keeping. Once you download Keep to your device, or open the website, it will prompt you to select which Google account you would like to sync with. Once selected, explore these five ways to save your thoughts.

  1. Traditional Text – Use the text box to jot down a thought. This option will be automatically selected as the preferred means of entry.
  2. Checklist – Tap on the checkmark icon to get started.
  3. Voice Memo – Tap on the microphone icon. Voice memos are saved as voice files and are automatically transcribed into text as well.
  4. Photo – Add a photograph as a note by tapping on the appropriate icon.
  5. Draw – You can select the pen, marker or highlighter options to draw your own note.

There is also a Reminders function. When you create a reminder and attach it to the note in Keep, it will act as a calendar alarm and alert you when your event is approaching.

Now that we have the functionality down, let’s play around with this app. It’s time to personalize your notes and get the most out of Keep.


We download apps because they’re useful, crucial to our daily tasks, or they give us a friendly reminder about things we may forget. With Keep, you’ll be able to view your notes in an effective and stylized workspace.

Rearranging Notes – We aren’t always thinking clearly when we design our workspace. Sometimes it gets messy, and things get out of order. Simply tap-and-hold the note until it becomes transparent, and drag to your desired location.

Colorize – Yes. Colorize. Don’t judge me—just look at how pretty they are. For the aesthetics of your notes, or if you prefer to color-code them for a specific reason, just tap on your specific note, and locate the paint tray icon.

Grid View – Take a peek at the small icon in the top right corner. It will change your grid view to either one note atop another, or it will organize them based on their size and most recent use to create a collage of sorts. Whichever works best for you.

For What It’s Worth 

For frequent users of their memo pad feature like myself (generally, I have 300+ notes) Google Keep offers a simpler and more effective way to navigate and create notes, voice memos, and reminders.

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