Gmail’s Boomerang

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Gmail’s Boomerang

Coming Back With Gmail’s Boomerang

Google’s always putting out smart and innovative ways to make the technological portion of our lives that much easier—and it’s led us to the creation of Boomerang. It’s contents are appropriately suggested in the title—it can all come back to you. This innovative update by Google has some really cool features, so let’s delve in:

Setting Up Boomerang

In the top right corner of your Gmail Inbox—once you’ve applied Boomerang (a Chrome browser extension)—you’ll see a small, multicolored boomerang icon. It’s a sure-fire way to know it’s installed properly, but the practicality comes in a more simplistic way to use it. When you reply to an email, you’ll see new options right beneath the ‘Send’ button; let’s get into that.

Send Later Option 

You’re no stranger to working late, but they don’t have to know that. With Boomerang, you can schedule your emails to be sent later than their completed time. You can manage this, and it’s an essential tool. If your clients see that you’re responding to emails at one or two in the morning, it tells them you’re available during this time. It sets their expectations higher; mask the emails. Let them send at business-appropriate times—you can send an email at a later time in the morning; it’ll pop-up after your clients have dealt with all the emails they received overnight. You’re in control, and Boomerang is your weapon.

You can set Boomerang to either return your email if the recipient hasn’t opened it, if they haven’t replied to it, or regardless of the status on the recipient’s end.

Now, the actual Boomerang feature, the namesake, if you will, is in the titled feature. You’ll see the ability to have an email sent to you again at your disclosed time frame. What this does is invaluable—worry-free prioritization. For example, if you need to follow-up with a client, or you’re still waiting on documents from your employee, you can have this conversation revisit your inbox in the scheduled time. It’ll pop back up in your inbox, ready for you to address whatever issues need addressing. Foolproof, really.

Among the key features, smaller—yet still useful—ways to play around with Boomerang can utilize an array of tasks, making them a cake walk. You can do the following:

  • Schedule Birthday Emails
  • Communicate Effectively with Alternate Time Zones
  • Manage Date-Sensitive Material
  • Send Hotel Stay Confirmations to the Top of Your Inbox

It’s being called the missing puzzle piece to Gmail’s already impressive and broadly-used service.

Plans and Pricing 

I didn’t deter you, did I? Boomerang is completely free, but only for a limited number of uses per calendar month. If you want to get the absolute most out of Boomerang, if you use it for a business or another enterprise where you’re practically married to your inbox, you may want to consider upgrading. We recommend trying Boomerang’s free plan to test and see if it’s a service you’d want to continue.

Basic, Personal, Pro & Premium 

This chart below is taken directly from


Boomerang Teams 

The fun doesn’t stop there. If you’re using Boomerang for business purposes, or if your entire staff is using Boomerang, you’ll want to check out the all-in-one inclusive deals under Boomerang Teams. To give you a quick rundown of the pricing, look below. 

Boomerang Pro for Teams 

$10.00 / User per month (First 10 Users)

$9.00 / User per month (Users 11-20)

$8.00 / User per month (Users 21-30) 


Boomerang Premium for Teams 

$40.00 / User per month (First 10 Users)

$36.00 / User per month (Users 11-20)

$32.00 / User per month (Users 21-30) 

I trust that you can see where I’m trending with this. Each bracket of ten users drops the price ever-so-slightly, but only for users in that bracket. If you have 11 users, for example, the rate for the first 10 users under Boomerang Pro will still be $10.00 per month. The 11th user will be billed at a rate of $9.00 per month.

Boomerang is a useful tool that is quickly becoming a necessity amongst any user’s email.



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