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Digital notes should be a vital part of your daily ritual. You most likely take notes during meetings, webinars, videos, podcasts, classes, and even while you are reading a book. But using a notepad and pencil or pen is a drag. Now is the time to check out the Google Keep note-taking application.

What Is Google Keep Note-taking App

In particular, you can consider Google Keep as being Google’s version for a note-taking application. You can use Google Keep in any web browser, or download the app on your Android or iOS device for free.

Google Keep allows users to record plain-text notes and organize, edit, or share them with others using a suite of collaboration tools. As an aside, since it’s made by Google, it automatically syncs to Google Drive.

This is special because you can access it from any device where you use your Google account. That means you can sync to your computer, your phone, or your tablet. This saves time because you don’t have to search in multiple devices or accounts for notes that you have taken.

You can also use Google Keep to create voice notes, or set time- and location-based reminders. In addition, this versatile productivity application permits you to connect and sync your notes to other Google Workspace programs like Google Docs and Google Calendar. This capability is what makes it so valuable to you, the user.

Uses for Google Keep

I mentioned above where you could use your note-taking application, but what are some uses for Google Keep?

I can’t say enough how many uses there are for Keep. The Productive Engineer did an excellent job of researching and explaining them.

For our purposes, I will list out the myriad of possibilities that this note-taking application is known for. Then if you want more details, you can check out the summaries that The Productive Engineer gives you.

Here we go:

• Adding labels to notes.
• Adding colors to notes.
• Pinning a note.
• Setting reminders.
• Locating reminders.
• Archiving notes.
• Recording audio notes.
• Adding images to notes.
• Adding drawings to notes.
• Turning notes into a checklist.
• Making a copy of a note.
• Undoing an action.
• Setting your favorite view.
• Adding a link to a note.
• Disabling rich link previews.
• Setting the default time of reminders.
• Collaborating with others.
• Adding and switching Google accounts.
• Copying notes to Google Docs.
• Making a quick search.

The Google Keep note-taking application is useful to have in your arsenal of resources. It certainly has a lot of features that will manage your productivity.

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