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Written by: Zachary Amos, Contributor

Obsidian Notes, available in both app and desktop forms, can revolutionize your note-taking habits and encourage you to write more. Obsidian mimics the human brain by allowing your thoughts to jump everywhere. The mind is rarely linear, so you should have a note-taking app
that reflects your needs. This tool has several hidden features, including many plugins, so you may need help figuring out where to start. Here’s what you need to know about Obsidian Notes.

Why You Should Have a Note-Taking App

Everyone should have a note-taking app on their phone or desktop. They add innate value to your thoughts and help you organize plans for the future. Taking notes encourages you to focus on what’s in front of you, making it valuable for those who work or study full-time. An app will prove beneficial in many areas, whether you want to get your home in order or plan your next business venture.

Obsidian is a unique note-taking app that will allow you to do these things and more:

● Help you take better notes.
● Follow every train of thought you have.
● Customize your text to your liking to make your notes pop.
● Group your files together through folders and hashtags.
● Allow you to fully customize the app to suit your needs.

You don’t have to build a notes app from the ground up to have one to suit your needs. Obsidian is a highly customizable option, allowing you to write down everything you need and add shortcuts that make your words easier to understand. It features novel concepts you must learn
to make the most of the app.

A Rundown of Obsidian Concepts

Obsidian’s main drawing point is how many fun features there are to grasp. Play around with the possibilities. You have to get creative with these features — they might take some time to learn, so you have plenty of opportunities to experiment with plugins and customization options.

This app features backlinks and outgoing links. Backlinks will allow you to link similar notes to each other, and you can see the connections in the right sidebar. The app automatically generates them. The Links plugin can help you see all of them at a glance while also showing you where others can be made.

Markdown is an excellent way to make certain parts of your notes stand out. Several websites still use markdown, so this readable feature will never feel dated. You can bold or underline certain words and highlight important text in tables or footnotes. If you use the app for to-do
lists, you can cross items off with strikethrough.

If you’re more of a math person, you can insert your equations right into the notes. Dollar symbols can offset your equation from regular text and allow you to develop a sleek, professional math notation. You can test it out and show your work in a brand-new way.

Code Blocks
Several professional and creative fields utilize coding in their own ways, so it’s a valuable skill to learn, no matter your career path. Obsidian uses Prism for its code blocks, meaning this app supports over 250 coding languages.

Obsidian allows you to fold your text in on itself, making it the perfect app for creative writers who need to outline their next novel. It would also work great for taking business notes. Obsidian’s Outline plugin will show you a table of contents in your sidebar once you put in folding headings.

What better way to group notes than by nesting them under the same tag? You can utilize hashtags to relate your messages to one another. Tags with spaces aren’t recognized, but you can easily link words together using hyphens and underscores.

The final concept to understand with Obsidian is its various plugins. You don’t have to use them all, but the available plugins allow you to take daily notes, show the graph view, include backlinks and more.

Obsidian Keeps Notes Secure
Obsidian is ideal for anyone who wants customization when taking notes. Your information remains in a local folder and won’t be stored in the cloud. Cloud services can change their policies or shut down without much warning, and this app lets you keep them until you decide to delete them.

Use Obsidian Notes for Local Note-Taking
The best part of this app is that you can use it anywhere, whether you have internet access or are remote. This feature makes it perfect for travelers or busy people, though it can also suit WFH offices and creatives. Your notes are secure in your device, and you can tailor them to suit
your needs. These options make Obsidian one of the top note-taking apps. Though it might be confusing to learn all the concepts initially, you’ll soon have an array of notes customized to your liking.


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