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Help Keep All E-waste Out of Landfills

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Have you ever brought your computer to a repair shop and they told you it wasn’t repairable? At Megabite Computer Services we will evaluate your device to ensure it is actually not repairable. Usually, most devices are able to be fixed. We can replace or repair almost any part of the computer. We also work on Mac’s, and iPads. If you have a laptop with a cracked screen, it is fixable and most of the time parts are available. Megabite can usually find any part for any device. Why toss something that’s repairable? If the device is really old or you no longer have a use for it, then donate it to us and we will reuse and recycle the parts. Keep electronics out of the landfill and get more use out of your device.

Reasons why to recycle your e-waste and keep them out of the landfills

    • Landfills have been known to leach toxic chemicals into water sources and surrounding land.
    • Landfills are stinky and don’t look pretty.
    • It’s against the law in some states to put electronics into landfills.
    • Every time you trash something that should be recycled or reused, you add to the mounting problem of our landfills.
  • Good things can be made from recycled electronic components,

Make sure you are being responsible with how you handle your waste, especially your e-waste.  When your electronics have reached the end of their useful life, bring it to us and we will properly recycle your e-waste.

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