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HEY Email from the Folks at Basecamp


HEY is a very ambitious idea for email. The folks at Basecamp are trying to reinvent email. While in concept I think they have changed it for the better. That doesn’t mean there are not hurdles facing HEY. One major one is that you can’t import your email from another service provider. So if you are using AOL for example and you looking to move to HEY, then you are basically filing email bankruptcy. You would have to start from zero. For many people, this might not be a bad idea. Especially if you are trying to change the way you use email.

The other major issue is cost. Now for many people, they have had emails accounts for over 15 years and never paid for the service. The idea of paying for email will be a hard sell, but for those who understand that email is not free in the truest sense and that your personal information is basically being sold. The $99 tag of HEY starts to look very cheap.

The focus on privacy when comes to service is their biggest selling point. However, because it’s year one, this might be a painful investment. I have always told clients one of the most important areas when comes to email is the product solvent? We know Basecamp the main business is, but will the HEY email service be? Only time will tell.

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