How To Backup And Share Your Photos On The Web

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How To Backup And Share Your Photos On The Web


We store all our photos and videos on our smartphones, tablets, external hard drives, digital photo or video camera memory cards, and so forth.

Moreover, most people store photos and videos going back years, but never really enjoy or share them with others. There are plenty enough reasons why you should create backups of these important files!

In this article, we’ll go over the options to share and backup all your photos.

Generally, photos and videos take up a lot of storage space, which can be annoying for smartphones that typically have little storage.

Cloud storage is a great alternative because you can access it from anywhere, anytime. We’ve looked at user-friendliness, scalability options, and the extra features of the different options.

What to Look for When Storing Photos Online


There are a few important features to look for when it comes to photo-hosting and cloud storage services.

1.   Storage Space

Enough storage is important to store all of your photos over a time-span of a few years. Preferably at the lowest cost possible.

2.   User-friendliness

Once you’ve stored a large number of media files, it’s important to be able to find certain images, create groups, filter by date, or extra features that contribute to ease of use.

3.   Accessibility

You want to make sure you can upload and access the service from anywhere.

4.   Security Standards

Obviously, if you store important media files on a platform, it must be secure. The security standards and backup options should be taken into consideration.

Photo Storage Platforms

1. Sync

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Sync is widely considered to be one of the best cloud storage options for all your photos and videos. Sync provides end-to-end encryption of your data, so only you can see what you’ve uploaded to the platform.

Furthermore, it’s very easy-to-use, ability to share with others on the platform, easily accessible, and allows quick backups of your data. You can even store up to 5GB of data for free. The “Pro” version is priced at $49 per year, which I find pretty affordable.

2. Google Drive

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Google Drive has been around the block for quite some time now. And it’s probably one of the best platforms to share files or folders, as the sharing-function is extremely flexible, also in regards to uploading your media files.

Especially sharing and uploading photos and videos to the Drive on mobile devices is very simple. With one click on a button, you can upload your data directly to Google Drive.

Google drive offers 15GB of free storage space but is relatively cheap to upgrade.

3. Dropbox

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Dropbox was one of the first platforms offering cloud storage. In the past, Dropbox had its fair share of data breaches, which resulted in many improved security measures and has been secure ever since. Which might have been a good thing for new users now, because the platform is now guarded by 256-bit AES encryption.

Similar to Google Drive, it’s very easy to share and upload media files to Dropbox.

Dropbox is also incredibly fast, offers 2GB free storage, and works with most operating systems. You can opt to automatically upload every image and video to Dropbox.

Ultimately, Dropbox doesn’t have many advanced features, but it works excellent for beginners – you don’t have to be tech savvy! 

4. SugarSync

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SugarSync is relatively similar to Sync, but lacks in security features. However, SugarSync stands out when it comes to sharing because it allows users to sync and share any media file on their device.


SugarSync has a neat interface, offers 30-days free trial, up to 5GB free storage, great backup abilities, and also offers a feature to automatically upload photos and videos directly onto the platform.

SugarSync is slightly more expensive, compared to the other providers in the list. is all about making the world of online security accessible to everyone. We pride ourself in writing guides that we’re certain even our own mothers could understand! Be sure to head over to our blog if you’re interested in keeping your private information just that: Private!


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