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How to Fix iPhone Ringer Issues

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Hi, I called you a few minutes ago, but it appears that you did not hear your iPhone ring. I can help you fix iPhone ringer issues. It’s not complicated. You probably don’t need to worry about hardware issues if you do not drop your phone. Just to be sure, open YouTube, a music app, or another app and play something. Make sure your volume is turned up. If you can hear media sound, then you can rest easy. So, what can we do to fix iPhone ringer issues that are not hardware-related? There are 14 different fixes. Let’s begin.

1. Silent Mode

You’ll need to change your iPhone setting if your phone is set to vibrate-only mode. If vibrate-only is on, guess what? Your phone won’t ring when you get a call. The easy fix is to put the phone into ring mode by pushing up the silent switch at the top-left edge (above the volume buttons).

According to, you can tell when the ring mode is on because the slider will be closer to your phone’s screen. In silent mode, it displays an orange strip.

2. Confirm Your Setting for Do Not Disturb

The Do Not Disturb feature ensures you are not disturbed by iPhone sound and vibration for call, text, and app notifications. That means you will need to disable Do Not Disturb.

To check this, open Control Center and see if the crescent moon icon is purple with its box lit up. That’s a bad thing if you want to hear calls. So, tap the box to turn it off so you can hear your iPhone again.

3. Disconnect Bluetooth Audio Devices

Do you have wireless audio devices like AirPods connected to your iPhone? This may prevent your incoming call from playing on your phone and may play through the AirPods instead. You will usually find that this happens with non-Apple earbuds that cannot decipher you are wearing them.

You can disconnect all wireless devices by opening the Control Center and tapping the Bluetooth icon. To disconnect devices individually instead, head to Settings > Bluetooth.

That should allow the incoming call ringtone to sound out through your phone speaker.

4. Turn the Ringtone Volume Up

It took me a while to see that this was an issue I once had. I had my sound turned down. To fix this, you can just follow the steps below:

* Open Settings / Sounds & Haptics (Older phones will have this as Sounds).
* Drag the Ringer and Alerts slider to the right. Drag it further to the right, and it will increase your volume even more.
* Consider turning off Change with Buttons. explains that doing so will prevent you from lowering the ringtone volume using the physical volume buttons. When this option is disabled, the volume buttons only change the volume for media, not your ringtone.

5. Turn Off Silence Unknown Callers

iPhones running iOS 13 and later have a feature called Silence Unknown Callers. If you enable this setting, it will mute everyone that is not on your contact list. Not only that, but this setting also prevents rings for people who have never called you or that you have never received their phone number via call, text, or email.

Say you have a distant relative or delivery person calling you and you don’t hear the incoming ringtone; you may not hear the incoming ringtone if this setting is enabled. To fix this, follow the steps below:

Open the Settings app and tap Phone. If you see On next to Silence Unknown Callers, tap this field to shut off the slider from the next screen.

You should now successfully hear the ringtone for all incoming calls unless, of course, you have the person blocked.

6. Did you block the caller?

It does not hurt to double-check that you have not blocked the caller. If you have, they cannot call, use FaceTime to contact you, or text you.

Here is the fix: open Settings and tap Phone. Scroll down. The next step will be to tap Blocked Contacts. Third, once you have done that, swipe left on the entry you want and tap unblock. Another method is to tap Edit > red minus button > Unblock.

7. Reboot your phone

If all else fails, turn off your phone. Wait about a minute, and then turn it back on.

8. Get a different ringtone.

A good suggestion is to choose a different and louder ringtone. Sometimes, the one you are using is too quiet. Keep experimenting until you find one that works for you. Oh, the steps you follow are to open Settings, tap Sounds & Haptics, tap Ringtone, and select a different tone. Did you find one you like? Just tap Back.

9. Check for Custom Contact Ringtones

The ringtone you set above applies to all contacts, but what happens if you have added a different tone to someone? If you miss calls from only certain people, here is a short how-to to ensure their custom tone is clear:

* Open Contacts or the Phone app and go to your contact list.
* Tap the contact’s name.
* If you see the Ringtone section, you have added a custom tone for this person. Tap Ringtone, choose a different tone for them and tap Done when satisfied.

10. Fix an iPhone Stuck in Headphone Mode

There are some cases where your iPhone may continue to think it is still connected to wired earphones, even though it isn’t. You may not hear any sound from the built-in speakers when you play media or receive phone calls.

As explains, you can fix this issue by following the seven fixes outlined in their article.

11. Turn Off Calls on Other Devices

Do you have other Apple devices and accept calls through other apps? You can try turning off the calls on those apps to see if it fixes your ring issues. Here is how to do it – Open settings on your iPhone, tap phone, and tap Calls on Other Devices. The final step would be to turn off Allow Calls on Other Devices.

12. Turn Off Call Forwarding

Do you use call forwarding? Did you know that this could prevent you from receiving notifications or hear a ring? Let’s fix it by following the steps below.

* Open Settings.
* Tap phone.
* Tap Call Forwarding. You might have to wait a few minutes to load.
* Tap Call Forwarding if you find that it is enabled.

13. Check Your Third-Party Call Blockers

Want to know how fix this? Open the app. You can then whitelist all desired numbers. In addition, you can turn off all call blocking from inside the app or by following the steps below:

* Open iPhone Settings and tap Phone.
* Tap Call Blocking & Identification.
* Turn off any call identification apps that are viewable.

14. There Are Additional Fixes

If you have tried all of the above steps, and they did not work, update your iPhone. Additionally, update other calling apps. But there is one more thing you can try. Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings.

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